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Google Places Help Forum Archives Rescued By Blumenthal

The Local SEO and Local Business Owner community owes a vote of thanks to Mike Blumenthal for his swift work in saving the Archives Of The Old Google Places Help Forum from the burn pile.
Google’s decision to delete the library of information present in the old forum as they move over to a new location has been universally unpopular with the 20 or so Local SEOs I count as friends and colleagues. It has been personally unpopular with me because it threw a monkey wrench in my ability to search for historic records of issues in Local to aid me in my work answering Local SEO questions in places like the SEOmoz Q&A forum.
And, as Mike points out in his post on this topic, saving this information is an act of honoring all of the volunteers who have contributed countless hours of time to answering questions over the past few years.
3 cheers for Mike for archiving the archives. I know I really, really appreciate it!