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Google Local Search – Secondary Information Results

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
Today, I hopped over into Google’s Local Search in Google Maps to take a look at how a client of ours is doing. Local Search is key to this client’s visibility on the web as they are an elder care provider, and obviously, this means that they provide their services within a specific geographic region.
The search I performed was for elder care home sonoma county
Google Local Search Results
From the image shown right, you will see that my client, Green Acres Manor, is showing up in the A position (the list is actually a lot longer than this, but the image was getting way too big for this post to handle). Whether personalization may be contributing to this ranking or not, I don’t know. This client happens to be a local one for us, so it could be that Google is gearing these results to me specifically, based upon the location of our place of business. Whatever the case may be, what really grabbed my attention was that Google Local is using articles on OUR client’s site as the secondary information results for not only our client, but for the majority of other listings in these results. Please see the image, and note how articles from my client’s site are repeatedly being listed.
Apart from this being an almost incredible amount of advertising for my client, I am very intrigued by the fact that this would seem to indicate the Google is actively seeking content to support whatever listings they return…and that websites that are trying to target Local Search but are failing to make the effort to provide useful reading materials for their visitors are unlikely to receive this type of amazingly preferential treatment.
Please, if anyone interested in Local Search is seeing similar or different results, I would love for you to share them here. Why do you think Google is doing this with our client and what do you think others could do to have results as astonishing as these showing up for their business in Google Local?