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Go Vote America!

go vote america
Put down the mouse, put away the cell phone, free your mind of work, step out of the office and vote today, America. Walk down your American street beneath the bright fall trees and exercise your right to have a say in history. People have fought and died on American soil for that right. Don’t let today pass you by without participating in democracy.
It so easy, in America, to be jaded, to be bitter, to feel that things are lousy. Yet, we enjoy freedoms and rights here that people in too many other lands can only dream of. Your vote is the best protection of that freedom – don’t let anybody take it away from you, and don’t let cultural gloom talk you into skipping your trip to your local polling place today.
Working as I do in Local SEO, I talk to people from coast to coast. Each person I talk to is different; different accent, different business, different values, different goals in life. All of these different people make up this thing called America, and only when each and every voices intones up do we hear the true tune. Whether you love everything about America or see it as a land of major problems, don’t let your voice go unheard on November 6, 2012. Today is the day to stand up and speak up! Your vote counts.