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Getting Local Stuff Done – Great Clients Make It Easier

When you’ve got a great client, going through the basic steps of Local Search optimization/marketing is really pretty easy. This week, in our continuing pursuit of a strong local presence for our client, we walked the gentleman through claiming and improving his Google LBC listing. The phone verification went off without a hitch and I was pleased to see the information almost instantly updated in Quast Automotive’s auto repair garage Maps listing.
Armed with the confidence gained from claiming his listing in Google’s LBC, Jon Quast was ready to go take on his Yahoo Local listing for his auto repair garage on his own. Looks like we have a little cleaning up his categories to do there, but he did a great job and is taking a keen interest in the various opportunities there are out there for improving his local visibility.
Yahoo had totally lost Jon’s business listing for a few weeks there. We have no idea why it disappeared. Now that Jon has gone and added the business back in, it’s appearing again, though the map continues to be way off. I’ll be giving Yahoo a call in the coming week.
On the MapQuest front, I wrote to VP Mark Law this afternoon to let him know that, just as was predicted, the incorrect location of my client’s business was attended to in just a week or so from the date I reported the problem. Fast and great. We have only one small problem. The business is still not quite in the right place. We’re getting closer with the new MapQuest map, but the image below shows that we’re still not quite there yet.

mapquest map of Quast Automotive Hayward WI

I’m hoping we can get this straightened out soon, though I know that getting the missing roads to appear is going to take many months, according to my sources.
All of this work could be a headache with an impatient client, but we’ve lucked out and gotten a patient and professional one who understands that this process is going to take some time. I think it was really important that we correctly set the client’s expectations with this from the start. We’ve been starting to teach the client about user reviews and citations and he’s excited. Seeing the opportunities instead of the hassles is making all the difference in this project, and there’s a really good feeling on both our sides about the upcoming launch of Quast Automotive’s website.
I’ve learned over the years that the clients you choose to work with set the tone of so much of your life during the whole time you are under contract with them. Most of the time, we’ve chosen very well and been fortunate to do business with exceptional and committed business owners. We’re having a lot of fun with this project.
We’ll continue to document our efforts with Local Search, its problems and benefits.