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Genghis Khan Sacks My Computer!

genghis khan and my computer
A BLAST from the past
Scholars of history will be glad to know that Genghis Khan, lord of the Mongols and conqueror of Medieval China, is still on the war path, his mighty hand grasping the power to subjugate nations, sack imperial cities and bring a lowly web designer to her knees.
And yet, I live to tell the tale of my grapple with Genghis and my heroic wresting of my Compaq laptop back from his iron hold.
My husband and I have been reading aloud from R.E. Latham’s translation of The Travels of Marco Polo. The Khan most in question in this astonishing book is Genghis’ descendent, Kublai. However the details given about the Mongol Empire have so fascinated us that we decided to go back to its founder, via an Internet Search, to see if there would be interesting archaeological remains on display from this distant era.
Thus, I found myself on a website for the Chinese Museum of Archaeology, and it looked marvelous…until the ghostly grey popup informed me that I would need to install a language pack in order to be able to fully view the characters the site contains. My rule about my precious laptop is that I do NOT download or install anything on it for entertainment purposes (for therein lies the destruction of my peace working, while fending off the advertisements, popups and spam that one gets as a bonus from too many entertainment website). Needless to say, I clicked cancel, resolved not to install the Chinese character language pack.
Genghis must have been laughing. He had me. While my screen froze, the language pack began to merrily install itself, regardless of my instructions, and proceeded to hold my computer hostage for the next hour as I countered with various parries including control+alt+delete, back buttons, Xs and even shutting the Compaq off and unplugging it. I was defeated, brought to an utter low, left with a computer that would not boot Windows by the end of the evening. My husband and I were a conquered people.
There is something so eerie about a plain black screen, devoid of its desktop icons or any of the things that declare it to be ‘home’.
Genghis Khan is routed by the F8 Key
This morning, donning our various garments of war, we were better prepared for our second encounter with our powerful foe. He would not catch us off our guard this time. I will here lay out the battle strategy for you, the reader, should you ever see the shaggy horses of the Mongolian horde advancing toward you and your PC.
1) While booting the computer, we vigorously struck the F8 key in a repetitious and assertive manner.
2) This caused our computer to open in safe mode.
3) We then clicked on the following items of grave importance: Start> All programs> Accessories> System Tools > System Restore
4) By a maneuvere of brilliance, we were able to set our computer back 2 calendar days, thus pre-dating our encounter with the Khan.
Nevertheless, we are quite willing to admit that our opponent was a worthy one and caused us much chagrin before we gained the upper hand with our PC wizardry. One has to stand in awe of any website that can take you captive in this way. Even while one curses, one is in awe.