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Firefox Funk In Google's HotPot

Last week, I wrote about an oddity I was encountering in Google HotPot. When attempting to leave a rating/review, I was being limited to some 368 characters, unhappily curtailing my fluid prose.
Google’s Lior Ron kindly stopped by to let me know that no such limit exists and that my reviews could be as long as ever. Mike Blumenthal chimed in to ask what browser I was using. Putting these two tidbits together, I decided to look at the issue again and post this update.
Here is what happens when I attempt to leave a Place Page Review/Rating while browsing in Firefox:

I am absolutely still being cut off at 368 characters.
Switching to Chrome, though, I find I can write as much as I like:

In regards to Lior Ron’s comment, it would appear that Google may be unaware of this issue with Firefox – a very popular browser. I am hoping Google will take note of this and will be able to create a solution. As it is, I feel this situation is adding to the number of hoops users must jump through to leave a review in Google. Right now, in order to get a customer to leave a Google-based review, the business owner would have to tell the customer to:
1) Create a Google account if they don’t have one
2) Be signed into Google to leave a review
3) Be sure they aren’t signed in using Firefox because they will only be able to leave a 368 character review.
With so many ifs, ands and buts, doesn’t it seem like having to do an awful lot of dancing about in order to get from point A to point B with this? Customers are busy people and making things as simple for them as possible is what smart business owners do. I would like to see Google invest brains and time into helping all you SMBs out there make it as easy as possible for your customers to use Google’s review apps. It would be a win-win move across the board.