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EL Civics – A super web design client!

New web design client, Elcivics.com
Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
Some projects we have the fortune to be brought in on are so neat and fun, it’s a pleasure to talk about them. Businesswoman, Christina Niven, runs one of the Internet’s top resources for Civics lessons for people for whom English is a second language: Elcivics.com. In many cases, the people coming to her site are trying to achieve U.S. citizenship, and the materials Niven has assembled consist of great photos and simple, basic text about some of our country’s most important systems, landmarks and symbols. I was immediately impressed by her approach to conveying major features of American life in a manner that will be easiest for ESL folks to absorb, and it’s no surprise that her self-made site was doing great in the SERPs.
However, Christina Niven is a forward-thinking person, and she realized that her site would be even more appealing if it was formatted in a more consistent, professional manner, and so she came to us. What a great opportunity.
This project particularly appealed to me as, in the past, I have worked both as an adult educator and a language instructor. Don’t get me wrong – we take tremendous pride in our e-commerce projects – but getting to work on an educational project is a special treat for me. Another thing that I feel made us a good match for Elcivics.com’s needs was that Christina Niven was hoping to convey a historical feel to the site. She didn’t want red-white-and-blue (the obvious American choice). She didn’t want to have animated waving flags all over the place. She wanted to present a sense of the rich history of the U.S.A. in a subtle way. As an amateur history buff, I felt I could really work with this concept and the sepia/earth tone palette enriched by a few strong symbols that whisper “America” turned out really well, if I do say so myself. We just love the understated, gleaming, coppery feel of the redesign, and are confident that Christina Niven can show this site to anyone in the education field with pride.
Web design from scratch, every time
An organization like Elcivics.com could easily have opted to purchase an out-of-the-box template based website. A site owner like Niven could have gone this route and then had the work ahead of her of trying to fit her content into a template that hadn’t been designed with her needs in mind. The result could be okay, but it would never be the same as having a designer sit down to focus solely on your needs and wishes and develop something that is unique to your organization or company. At Solas Web Design, we never use templates. We design or redesign any site we build from scratch, specifically for the client we’re working with.
No two businesses or groups are alike. Many clients need us to design, create, upload and maintain every page of their website. Others, like Christina Niven, are familiar enough with basic web page creation and maintenance to simply be able to have us create a design, implement a few pages of it and then turn the code over to them to use to build out the rest of their website. We are happy to come up with a plan to fit each individual client’s needs. That’s what you get when you go with a pro, instead of trying to fit your needs into a cookie-cutter, pre-conceived idea. Basically, what you get is a human relationship between you and your designer. Ask our clients – this is a lot different than being treated like a number!
It was such a pleasure working with Christina Niven on such a worthy project, and we hear from her that the compliments are already coming in on her re-designed website. Music to our ears!