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Doing Your Best Local SEO in 2018

The discipline of local search engine optimization has grown to encompass so many factors, from on-site optimization, to local business data management, to in-store initiatives that grow online reputation. Whether your brand is large or small, 2018 is your opportunity to make your best-ever Local SEO efforts, and I’d like to highlight here some of my recent Moz Blog posts that will help you thrive in the modern omni-channel environment your business and your customers inhabit.
First, understand how both offline and organic influences act as tributaries feeding into your local business.
Protect against costly business mistakes by reading through my 45 Local SEO Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them.
Next, be sure your brand is founding its policies in empathy with the customer. This simple commitment may well spell out your lasting success.
Know that your content will be your most valuable asset in 2018, and understand how to build geo-topical authority with a clear vision of what you can write about. And don’t forget that not all local consumers are neighbors. Many will be newcomers to town or travelers passing through; create a warm and persuasive welcome for them.
Speaking of content, reviews may influence your customers more than anything you’ll ever write, so understand how to manage them well, including how to respond like a pro. Unfortunately, in 2018 you’ll still need to know how to fight review spam, unless Google surprises us all with a better filter for catching fake reviews. Here’s hoping!
And, if after all of your best Local SEO efforts, you’re still failing to get the rankings, traffic or conversions you need, here’s my thorough guide to performing a DIY competitive local business audit. No time to do all this on your own? Contact Solas Web Design in 2018, where we’re passionate about all the details and eager to make the new year your best yet.