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Copywriting Tips for the Mendocino County Hyperlocal Blogger

If you’ve been following this series on Hyperlocal Blogging, you’ve taken note of these 7 SEO copywriting tips given so far in parts 1, 2 and 3:

1) Tapping into the hometown pride
2) Recognizing community concerns
3) Being an ambassador
4) Getting into local controversy – with care
5) Getting down to business – your business
6) Remembering the good old days
7) Being generous with your expertise

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I’ve been excited about the prospect of writing this article for Mendocino County bloggers because I believe this region of the world is one of the grandest on Earth. I love Mendocino so much, I set a novel in it! The place is jewel chest – from sapphire sea to emerald redwood groves to the golden strand of the Anderson Valley, toasting to brass in the late summertime. Culturally, I feel this county deserves international recognition for being the very first in the United States to ban the growing of genetically modified organisms and for their sincere support of the organic farmer. When locals there talk about local sustainability, they really mean it.
Tourists unsurprisingly view this corner of coastal California as idyllic, but Mendocino folks have their problems. Gang violence is increasingly becoming a headline in Fort Bragg news to the point where local law officials are throwing aside political correctness and publicly branding offenders as ‘cowards’. In the valley, locals have a confrontation coming with the increasingly-invasive alcohol industry. If the vineyards get much bigger, water is going to become a hot topic, as is pesticide exposure in a community that prizes healthy living. And then there is the other drug industry in Mendocino County – the marijuana issue that seems to get more local press than any other topic. Issues of legality/illegality, major busts and shoot outs are under constant discussion in this part of the world. And then there are simply the challenges of daily rural living. Apart from Ukiah, the county seat, there are no big cities in this wide, green and blue land, and that brings us to today’s SEO copywriting tip.
Hyperlocal Blogging Tip #8
Help Your New Neighbors
If you’ve taken up the personal challenge to start blogging about your Mendocino County town in hopes of increasing your professional visibility in the community, don’t forget the new neighbors arriving every week of the year. Former city dwellers are going to be especially in need of a welcome-wagon hello as they try to adjust to the fact that everything they want is going to be just a little harder to find because nobody in small towns really shouts about what they are doing. No billboards, no flashing LED displays of big deals. By getting your blog posts ranked well for common questions that will be of concern to Mendocino County greenhorns, your professional brand will appear repeatedly before the eager eyes of any new neighbor who is reaching out for help.
Mendocino blogger tips
5 Essential Questions To Which Your Hyperlocal Blog Could Provide Best Answers
1) Where Do I Get Internet Service In Rural Mendocino?
You know and I know that it’s not going to be quite as easy or hassle-free as dialing up Comcast. List local resources for Mendocino, Little River, Boonville, Cleone, Westport, Elk, Albion, Philo, Navarro, Comptche and the other small towns and unincorporated regions of the county.
2) What Should I Do About Drinking Water?
Rural living is often well water-dependent and your new neighbors may never have lived on a well before, let alone dealt with the fun of septic systems. List reliable well service and septic companies and give old-hand pointers for keeping drinking water safe and septic tanks functional.
3) What Are My Options For Food Shopping?
Any newcomer will quickly learn about the local Harvest Market chain, but you can be the blogger who tips them off to Corners of the Mouth on Ukiah Street in Mendocino village, the Boontberry Farm Market off the HWY in Boonville and that tiny but life-giving general store up in Westport. Write a post that lists all of the local markets, as well as seasonal data for the fantastic farmers’ markets that will be putting dinner on your new neighbor’s table.
4) Where Can I See A Doctor?
Outline the hospitals and some of the most reputable doctors in different areas of practice in the county. Data on times and dates of public clinic services and latest news on county health plans could be of real service to people who are just moving in.
5) Where Can I Worship?
Mendocino County offers people of many faiths lovely places to satisfy spiritual needs. Write a fantastic post, complete with appealing photos of places of worship, detailing all of the religious resources your community maintains. Your tone can be non-denominational, giving priority to the comfort and happiness of your readers, no matter what their particular creed.
Chances are, you can think of further essential services that new neighbors will be needing to find.
Moving to a new place is, to put it mildly, a big ordeal for most people. By coming through for new residents during this busy time for them, you increase your chances of them remembering your company’s name when they need some work on their car, yard maintenance, legal services, vaccinations for their dog or a place for their in-laws to stay when they come to visit.
By mixing these helping posts in with expert posts about your company’s professional knowledge, you’ll be expanding your target audience beyond the natives to families who are making a life-changing effort to become new locals.
Please check back soon for part 5 in our Hyperlocal Blogging Series!