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Congratulations To Our 2 Google Favorite Place Clients!

Our 2 clients receive Google Favorite Place recognition
I’ve been writing a bit about this already here on the SEOigloo blog but we want to take a moment to formally congratulate 2 of our fantastic clients for having been recognized as Google Favorite Places! When an honor is meted out to just 100,000 businesses in the entire United States, being one of the chosen recipients is a big deal. We are incredibly proud of these clients. It’s been a privilege to work with them, and to get to know them not just as ‘clients’, but as really nice people! I’d like to introduce these fellows and praise them for the exceptional efforts both of them have put into building strong and trustworthy presences on the web!
John Tuggle
John Tuggle is the man to go to if you want to learn how to play Blues or Slide Guitar on the web. His website, Learning Guitar Now offers instructional videos, live Skype guitar lessons, DVDs and a great blog, among other things. Being named a Google favorite place isn’t John’s first claim to fame – he was named a Gibson Guitars Recommended Instructor within months of taking his business online – but John is really happy about the Google recognition. In addition to all of his tremendous online work, John teaches guitar locally in Decatur, GA. and it’s great to know that his Google Place Page has the power to bring new students to his door. John will be blogging about winning his Google Favorite Place honor and we want him to hear us cheering,”Bravo! Bravo!”
Glenn Younger
Glenn Younger has the distinction of running the oldest locksmith company in San Diego, CA: Grah Safe and Lock. As I blogged about earlier, an error on Google’s part produced the odd situation of Glenn’s business being awarded a Favorite Place poster and having their listing pulled from Maps all at the same time. Google employee, Joel H, let us know that they are going to remedy this situation promptly. Today, I see that Grah Safe and Lock’s Place Page is back in the index, and I am crossing my fingers that Google will soon be restoring the company’s usual high spot in the 7 pack. Glenn will be promoting his Favorite Place recognition via email and on his blog, and will be having a cool contest to draw attention to the poster. Great stuff and we are saluting this super company for fighting the long, good fight in the locksmith industry in an effort to help Google achieve a clean and usable index! Way to go, Grah!
Matt McGee wrote a great little piece about Promoting Your Favorite Place Status. I’ve already sent it to both of our winning clients, but to the other 99,998 recognized businesses, please do yourself a favor and take a gander at this inspirational article.
The general consensus amongst Local SEOs is that Google’s Favorite Place campaign is a cost effective way for Google to raise awareness of Maps while also monitoring interactive behavior (cell phone usage with the poster bar code). On a more personal level, it’s a much appreciated pat on the back for a chosen few business owners who have embraced the potentials of Local with a level of gusto that Google has deemed worthy of praise. We’re pretty delighted that 2 of these hardworking business owners count us as trusted advisers and our hats are off to John and Glenn today!