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Want to text? Ask a kid!

Last night, I called my niece up to wish her good luck on her auditions for the school musical. A sophomore in high school, she’s a bright and talented young person, and she has that gift that children do of explaining things as simply as possible. When I asked her how it is that she […]

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Taking Photos With The Nexus One

You may have heard, we’ve been having some pretty crazy weather here in Northern California. Yesterday afternoon, there was a break in the near-ceaseless sturm und drang , and so we seized the moment and took a little drive. We were rewarded with the above rainbow. We surely live in a beautiful place! Taking photos […]

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Using Google Maps On The Nexus One

Mike Blumenthal just received his complimentary Nexus One for being a top contributor to the Google Maps Help Forum, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that this is well-deserved! I’m also pretty sure that, now that Mike has this smart phone, we’ll all be getting to read some great future articles about Mobile/Local and […]

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It's The Ideas That Count

What a day this has been! My first 24 hours with Google’s Nexus One. Hang a left over to Search Engine Guide if you’d like to read my first review of the Nexus One after a day going around with this smart phone glued to my palm. Right now, though, at the close of the […]

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blog post using a nexus 1 voice

This is an experiment Don’t b surprised by 5 spelling and punctuation I am using the nexus 1 voice Map to create this blog post did experiment should show the accuracy of this application as you can already see the nexus 1 is doing a good job recognizing some words but is having trouble with […]

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There's a Nexus One In The Igloo Now…

And so, it came, in a nondescript brown parcel, hailing from Houston, Texas… Much smaller than a bread box, but oh-so-handsomely packaged in a crisp, white carton… Ah, yes, our Nexus One has arrived! Note the cute little bot on the carrying case. Note that great big screen on that little tiny phone. And, if […]

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