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blog post using a nexus 1 voice

This is an experiment Don’t b surprised by 5 spelling and punctuation I am using the nexus 1 voice Map to create this blog post did experiment should show the accuracy of this application as you can already see the nexus 1 is doing a good job recognizing some words but is having trouble with others i m not understanding tell punctuation white capitals is being interpreted wow that last sentence was really awesome no no not wash them all o f f no not wash. Not a w e s o m e i am speaking the word all o f f. Maybe i talk funny
Okay- so now I am using the Nexus One keyboard. My brief experiment is actually a really good demo of what you can expect from the very space age voice technology of this brand new phone. For example, I could not get the phone to recognize the word ‘off’ and punctuation is totally up for grabs!
My feeling from this test is that we are not yet to the point where print-ready content can be created with Voice. True, I could go back and edit the above…perhaps if I was in some sort of live, note-taking scenario. But, we just don’t seem to have technology perfect enough yet to make this a replacement for good old typing.
I hope you found this demonstration interesting! I am now going to save this post here in the back end of WordPress, return to my trusty laptop and add this nifty little image:

image of Nexus One phone