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Best Practices for Handling Clients' Local Business Accounts

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
I’m putting this out as a general question. When we get a new client and set about registering them in Google’s LBC, we are creating an individual account for them, filling out their information, and then dealing with the whole phone call/pin number thing while having the client sit by the phone, waiting for Google to call.
Is there a better way to handle this? Is there a way for a webmaster to control multiple accounts as one might do in Analytics?
It doesn’t seem possible, because of the verification process. Google is going to be sending those postcards or making those phone calls and wants to talk to the business owner, presumably, not the webmaster, despite the fact that we are authorized to be in control of the account.
I am curious, is this how other Local SEOs are handling this? Is there some simpler way to do this that I’m not thinking of? I’d appreciate hearing about your experiences.
Thanks, all!