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Being The Best You Can Be At What You Do – Crayon Music Man!

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
The above video may just be the best thing I have ever seen on YouTube. Some background: the fellow in this video has somehow mastered playing what all late 60/70’s children will recognize as ‘The Crayon Music’ from Sesame Street. When I think about the time this man put into figuring this complex tune out, note by note, beat by beat, chord by chord, I am blown away. No sheet music, nobody to tell him how to do this…he just did it because he must love the song, and the evident glee of the presentation has received an ecstatic (if sometimes ineloquent) response from the public in the 96 comments on YouTube. Sentiments include:
“Without knowing anything else about you, this makes me wanna be friends with you for life.”
“WOW!!!! This has made my day!”
“I think my life would be complete if I could play this song.”
“You rule! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face… I’ve had that song stuck in my head for over 25 years and you brought it to life. Seriously man, I can’t thank you enough.”

Aren’t these the kind of responses every business owner and marketer dreams of eliciting from the public?
So often, I find myself in conversations with our web design clients who are leaning towards imitating their competition – a safe bet. I urge them to dig deeper, to find what’s really special about what they do so that they can powerhouse their way towards being the best at that thing. Maybe you are the best seamstress, best joke teller, best gardener, best chef, best counselor, best PHP programmer, best customer service person, best finder of antique lamps…nobody you know has quite the skills you do. If pursuing your specialty fills you with excitement, chances are, that’s going to translate into something that the public will pick up on, and that – when wisely honed – can translate into a business.
I can almost guarantee that this Crayon Music Man could get gigs just playing this song for the right crowd (at the local hangout, at business conference parties with a 30-40 something audience, at holiday events.) Were he to obtain the copyright to this and other classic Sesame Street tunes, he could cut an album that would doubtless sell to all those 70’s kids who have an almost crazy love of this memorable music. Maybe he’ll just keep this on a for-fun level, but I see real talent, dedication and zing here, and I know what happens when I run into these qualities in the business world. This is the stuff that fulfilling work lives are made of.
The world already has its Amazon.com, its Dizzy Gillespie, its Google…what can you share with us?
For anyone who is having an ‘episode’ seeing this fellow play this, you can also see the original Sesame Street crayon short here: How Crayons Are Made Video.
And…MaestroJosh87, I’m floored. That’s simply awesome! Your video inspires me to keep on doing what I do, as well as I can!