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Announcing the Birding Sonoma County Blog

Birding Sonoma County Blog
Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
I’m eager to share here a personal project my husband and I are now working on – the Birding Sonoma County Blog. When we’re not creating super websites for small businesses, we are avidly birding in our local area of N. California, and this blog will serve as our place to document our observations, sightings and field notes on the wild birds we so love.
So far as I’ve been able to discover, my region has no blog devoted to this subject, and with the abundant bird life we have here, I think this is really a needed resource. Our local Audubon Society chapter does maintain a web presence, and we have benefitted from it repeatedly, but it doesn’t enable the type of interaction that the newer technology of blogging provides. We’re so hoping that our bird watching blog will encourage neighbors to come share their tips, bird alerts and stories.
Birders come from all walks of life and their ways of going about their favorite pursuit are as varied as the species of birds they enjoy. A birder may only enjoy the birds in his own backyard. Or, he may spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on travel to add exotic birds to his lifelist (his record of the birds he sees over the course of his life). Or, birders may be the professionals that staff the highly respected Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Whatever the case, our eyes are on the birds, wherever we go, whatever else we’re doing.
The Birding Sonoma County blog will feature detailed descriptions and maps of where to find various bird species, and its usefulness will be augmented by my own sketches of local wild birds. We are also creating a section for bird alerts, to let folks know when a specific migratory birds show up in the neighborhood. Additionally, I am hoping to interview expert birders who may have exciting tales to share, or useful tips on bird identification for new or intermediate birders.
We are just dippy about this new project, and it just goes to show, when you love what you do, work is a pleasure. Doing something to enrich our community is going to be a lot of fun, and we look forward to creating an extensive body of information about Sonoma County birds.