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Acquisition of GetListed By SEOmoz A Match Made In Local Heaven!

I am just so excited today about the news of the acquisition by SEOmoz of David Mihm’s GetListed.org. I see big things in 2013 for Local SEO as a results of this brilliant acquisition.
On a personal level, I am delighted by this news, because I have had the pleasure of being acquainted with both Rand Fishkin and David Mihm for many years and consider them both to be gentlemen of sterling qualities. Both are energetic, motivated, generous and talented spokesmen in their fields, and are just really nice guys, too! I first spoke to Rand when I was brought on board at Cre8asite Forums years ago when Rand had to stop participating there on a regular basis due to his growing commitments with SEOmoz. David reached out to us to say ‘hello’ when he first appeared on the Local SEO/Web Design scene in the mid-2000s and I have been sincerely inspired by his meteoric rise in Local SEO ever since. Interestingly, it was David who so kindly recommended me to Rand as the Local SEO consultant for the SEOmoz Q&A Forum, where I truly prize my work. So, suffice it to say that I am fans of both of these super people and the news about the acquisition just feels really good to me!
On a professional level, I am incredibly excited about what this acquisition might mean for the Local space. Having had the privilege of seeing the suite of SEO tools provided by SEOmoz and considering the technical complexity and amazing functionality of them, I’m thinking about the fact that GetListed has just been backed by one of the world’s finest tech teams. I believe we’ll all be witnessing a sky’s-the-limit scenario in which David, Rand and team can develop almost any tool for the benefit of Local SEOs and local business owners. Obviously, I don’t know any of the details of how this will work out, but I am confident that development of a truly high caliber will back whatever GetListed does. David’s experience in the Local trenches will ensure that that whatever is developed is truly useful. I call that great news!
My sincere congratulations to everyone involved. I see a bright new day for Local ahead!