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A Wonderful Woodworker Now Working On The Web

Fishers Laser Carvers, Our New Client
Is there a saying, motto or quote that so jives with your groove that you’d love to have it immortalized in a work of art you can hang in your home or office? Giving a corporate award and need a really handsome, laser engraved presentation piece? Looking to have an exquisite wood gift handmade for you by a skilled craftsman? Meet George Beck, your on-call woodworker, owner of Fishers Laser Carvers in Fishers, Indiana and our very latest website design and Local SEM client!
Absolutely Fun!
I felt like I made a genuine connection with George Beck the first time we spoke to one another in the Fall of 2009. As he told me his personal story of retirement from a lifetime of service to corporate America and his dream of sharing his first love – woodworking – with others, Garrison Keillor/Lake Wobegon came to my mind, utterly convincing me that George was not only the ‘real thing’ when it came to being a craftsman, but that he was going to make a truly fine blogger. My instincts were right and as this client began delivering his product descriptions and basic business content to me for the development of his website, I found myself charmed with his take on wood, his take on work and his overall take on life. Anyone ordering a wood plaque, sign or wood gift from Fishers Laser Carvers will be purchasing something that has been made with a level of thought and care we so seldom encounter in today’s marketplace.
What I Learned From This Client
Because of our green leanings here at Solas Web Design, we were impressed with George Beck’s commitment to using reclaimed and saved American hardwoods in his woodworking projects. This is an eco-friendly practice that makes sure nothing is wasted when a tree is felled for human use. Beyond this, George taught me how to look at wood a little more deeply. He studies the grain, color and pattern of a given reclaimed wood piece, and what he sees often suggests to him a matching quote or saying. It’s fascinating how the grain of one plaque can suggest a starry sky while another looks like wisps of smoke, clouds, water or some other design element that the woodworker can then enhance, play with and embellish with a suitable engraved saying. Wood tells stories and George Beck is helping people to read them. Busy people looking for a way to slow down, relax and notice the small things in life will enjoy the stories associated with each of George’s works and I certainly enjoyed every conversation I had with this gifted and thoughtful man during the website development process.
My Favorite Things About This Project
I love the personable tone of the website we’ve created for Fishers Laser Carvers. The design and its contents should leave no doubt in the mind of the user that they’ve arrived at the home base of a real person, a real craftsman whom they can contact for custom woodworking. Nothing corporate or distant here. I’m rather fond of the fact that I found some cherry wood to use as the nav menu buttons…George loves working with cherry. I like the simplicity of the overall layout of the site and I’m very thrilled about the depth of content being provided on the various pages. George is really happy with the finished site and told me,

“I think we have built a really neat web site that we can both view with much pride. I think it tells my story and continuing message of simplicity quite well.”

George’s ready-made plaques and signs can be purchased from anywhere in the US, as can his services as a custom woodworker, but this business has a good local component as well. George is our very first client in Indiana, as it happens, and Fishers is a suburb of Indianapolis. Basketball and racing are local passions and by working to get George’s site ranked well locally for his laser engraving and woodworking services, we’ll be increasing his chances of picking up business in his own corner of the world. Sports teams, corporations and organization all need signs and awards and my Local SEM colleagues will be interested to hear that it took less than 2 hours for Fishers Laser Carvers Google Place Page to appear after I had created his listing in the Google Local Business Center. Pretty swift! With ongoing efforts, George will be able to position his business as the place to turn to in the Hoosier State for the very best in plaques, awards, signs and wood gifts.
I’ll be having one last heart-to-heart with George about the various components of Local Search. We’ve listed his business in all my favorite local indexes and now it’s time to talk about user reviews, citations and the like. After that, we’ll be here for anything Fishers Laser Carvers might need in the future, but right now is a really satisfying moment. Today represents the culmination of a lifetime of one man’s dreaming, 2 years of hard work on his part to develop his business plan and several months of steady going on ours to create a website for him that should welcome visitors with warmth and sincerity. I’m really honored to be part of such a special project and hope you’ll keep Fishers Laser Carvers in mind if you’re ever in need of a really friendly and totally professional woodworker.
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