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A Great New Client Site And A Chance For Us To Do It All!

Web site design for small business by Solas Web Design
My favorite projects are the ones where we get to do it all, bring all our skills into play for a smart, appreciative and motivated client. We are very proud to announce the launch of a terrific new website for our client, Jon Quast of Quast Automotive Auto Repair Garage in Hayward, WI.
If you need auto repairs in Hayward, this is the guy to go to. Jon Quast seriously knows his stuff and is the most caring, studious, inquisitive auto mechanic I’ve ever spoken to. He’s a problem-solver and feels a real responsibility for the safety and performance of his customers’ cars. He’s very serious about serving his neighbors well. And, he isn’t just repairing their transmissions and doing engine work; Quast Automotive’s website features a blog and a very meaty informational page about improving your car’s gas mileage.
With gas prices being what they are these days, any driver should learn what they can about getting the best possible gas mileage and Jon Quast has made it his mission to use his website to teach people about this subject which is a consuming passion for him. While building QuastAutoRepair.com, I learned a ton of information about easy things you can do to get better MPGs, as well as investments you can make in technologies like HAFC/PICC that are capable of giving even SUVs 100 miles per gallon! In short, I learned quite a bit from this knowledgeable small business owner and his wisdom about gas mileage has the ability to extend the usefulness of his new website beyond simply doing local auto repairs to instructing a national audience on a subject of very timely interest.
Our Efforts
This project began with a completely blank canvas and excellent opportunities for us to put our skills to work for the business. We accomplished the following for Quast Automotive:
Website Design
Quast Automotive works on all kinds of cars, but their special claim to fame is as Hayward, Wisconsin’s local European car specialist and we wanted to reflect that Euro-styling in the website design. As a kid, I was enthralled with a European card game called Milles Bourne in which you competed to win a car race by laying down mileage cars, avoiding hazards and beating your opponents to the finish line. This game had awesome fonts and graphics, and in creating the design for QuastAutoRepair.com, I drew some inspiration from the elegant, appealing European design of that classic game. Web designers take cues from all kinds of unexpected quarters and I thought this presentation would really suit this company. The logo, fonts and color palette of the site are simple and professional and should reflect the solidity of the service this local business offers.
Copywriting and Editing
In creating the copy for Quast Automotive, I was presented with a sheaf of notes from the owner. My task was to turn all of these pieces of information into polished, finished copy that would speak directly to the customer and call him to desired actions. The site copy is optimized for key local and service related terms and should make the customer feel truly informed about what this small business offers to the public. We wanted a pleasant, professional, inclusive tone in the copy that will introduce all visitors to the staff at the auto repair garage and inspire them to pick up that phone and make an appointment.
SEO and Local Search Optimization
All elements of the site have been optimized for the terms most relevant to Jon Quast’s business and his customers. This is one of those truly local projects, designed to serve the community, but the inclusion of the Improve Your Gas Mileage page + a terrific little WordPress blog will enable the business owner to gradually expand the subjects his website focuses on, widening his opportunities for high search engine rankings.
If you’ve been hanging about the SEOigloo blog for the past couple of months, you know that we also went to bat with the major mapping entities for this client, trying to get his incorrectly placed business relocated on the various maps. We’ve made some good progress and have to play a waiting game for some of the changes we need to see happen so that Quast Automotive’s neighborhood is being accurately reflected by the mapping folks. In the meantime, the client has claimed his local listing with Google and Yahoo and made a correct Google MyMaps to help point the way to his door. He can now move on to get further listings and citations from appropriate venues to augment his company’s authority as a trusted Hayward automotive repair garage.
We’ve created a testimonials section on the site, including a link to the company’s Google Reviews destination, requesting that satisfied customers consider leaving a review of the business, and we’ve taught the client about the importance of good reviews to his local visibility.
Jon Quast is a hands-on kind of business owner, and we are confident that he is going to continue his study of how search engines work. He is already getting into video and intends to begin publishing a series of cool videos on getting better gas mileage. He’ll be promoting his website offline in Hayward and making the most of the opportunities for promotion offered by the enthusiastic online auto repair community.
The Pleasure of Getting To Do It All
This project was really appealing to us because it gave us the chance to design, write, optimize and consult – pretty much everything we specialize in for the small business. When you are given a free hand by the business owner, your skills can truly shine through and we were committed to ensuring that Quast Automotive’s website is of a quality that reflects the top-notch services provided by the business. This company does their very best for their customers and we wanted to do no less for them. This is a client we’re feeling terrific about adding to our portfolio and certainly one of 2008’s most satisfying projects for us.
Do You Need A Website Designed For Your Small Business?
Let Solas Web Design take care of you like we’ve taken care of Quast Automotive. We can design your website, write for you, edit your copy, optimize your website for a national or local audience, build you a blog and consult with you about the opportunities the web has in store for the promotion of your small business. Let Us Do It All For You!