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A Great Green Website Design and Copywriting Client

Dragonfly Soaps
At Solas Web Design, we make no secret of our green sensibilities. When we’re not hard at work in the office, we’re hard at play on our organic micro-farm, working towards our future goals of total self-sufficiency. We’re deeply invested in the pursuit of an eco-friendly mode of living and our ears really prick up when a new client comes to us and tells us how his or her small business fits into the better green world so many of us are trying to build.
I was totally delighted to hear from soapmaker, Jackie Barth, several months ago. Jackie has been making natural bar soaps for years, enjoying healthy success at trade shows and fairs. Jackie had come to the decision that she could improve her life by cutting down on the miles she was covering to bring her hand made soaps to customers by creating a place for them to shop with ease and pleasure online. This week, we’re celebrating the launch of Dragonfly Soaps on the web and if you lean towards natural bar soaps, we hope you’ll pay this new website a visit.
Our Favorite Aspects Of This Fun Project
We were absolutely thrilled to learn that a professional Rodale Press photographer, Thomas MacDonald was going to be handling the photo shoot of Dragonfly Soaps’ beautiful products. Professional photography really brings out the colors and textures in the bar soaps and that addresses one of the main challenges in selling items that have such sensory, tactile appeal. Mr. MacDonald had become a fan of Dragonfly Soaps’ handcrafted bar soaps after trying them and this partnership resulted in some of the prettiest product photos it has ever been our pleasure to utilize in website design.
Visual website design needed to play a supporting role in the project – stepping back and letting the products shine through while the site navigation did the legwork of getting customers to whichever category of soaps they might like to investigate with as few clicks a possible.
Our absolute favorite part of the project was the copywriting. Jackie sent us a whole wonderful box of her handmade soaps and then put her faith in us to write the copy that would give a clear sense of the benefits customers would enjoy from each unique bar of soap. We really had a ball describing the natural, botanical ingredients and bringing to life the romance of soaps like Lemon Chiffon, Jasmine, and Oatmeal Almond.
Each product became a chance to write a mini article that would be the next best thing to holding one of Dragonfly Soaps’ bar soaps in one’s own hands and by the end of project, Jackie and her business partner were calling me the J. Petermen of soaps and the Queen of Copywriting. I’ll take those compliments with much pleasure! Is the copy for your website’s products or services engaging, informing and entertaining your customers? Today’s a good day to ask yourself that question.
We are truly proud to do our best for a company that operates on a green scale of ethics. Dragonfly Soaps handcrafts their bar soaps in small, careful batches. Nothing toxic is created or disposed of from their workshop. They donate the ends and scraps from their soapmaking process to worthy charities and their packaging and print materials are printed on recycled paper. Their product is Made in the USA and simply lovely. When we understood these details about Dragonfly Soaps, we felt totally confident that we were the right match for their project and we look forward to continuing to work with Jackie and her team towards success on the web.
Do You Run A Green Small Business?
Call us up at (707) 981-7943 and tell us your story. We build SEO-based websites, offer copywriting and local search marketing services to you. Most of all, we get to the heart of what your business is all about and help you discover the most effective way to present the benefits of what you are offering to your clientele.
Our blogging has been on the light side for the past month or so because we’ve been so busy working for our wonderful clients. We’re excited about launching DFSoaps.com and have a handful of other big projects underway at the moment, but we definitely have time to listen to what you’ve got to say about your green small business and we’d love to hear from you!