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A Google Postcard Verification Issue That I'd Never Heard Of Before

Here’s a really interesting scenario being described in the Google Places Help Forum, to wit:

We are a national home builder with sales offices in about 150 communities in 8 states. In most cases, the sales office addresses are on brand new streets with brand new addresses that Google Maps does not yet recognize. We are able to overcome that by properly locating the map marker in consultation with our people in the field.
However, the problem we are now running into is in many cases the USPS has not initiated mail delivery to these new addresses where our sales offices/model homes are located. Because of that, postcard verification is not possible.
All of these offices have phones, however. Is there some way to change settings to verify by phone by default? If that could be done, it would be simple and we’d have everything verified in minutes. But if we are stuck with verifying the listings by postcard I’m not sure how we’ll be able to do so, despite the fact that these addresses are very real, and we are conducting business there every day.

I’d never thought of this situation before. What if you’re developing new neighborhoods and they haven’t made it securely onto the map yet or aren’t yet receiving mail delivery? As many of my readers will already know, Google has been offering postcard-verification-only options more frequently over the past half year or so, and very frequently for brand new businesses.
Back in February, I highlighted the issue of whole communities not receiving USPS mail delivery and thereby being left out of the whole Local game. But I’d never considered what happens when a development is brand new.
I’m not sure what the business owner of the contracting firm can do. If the post office eventually starts delivering mail to the new neighborhoods, then he will be able to take advantage of Google Places marketing. If Google starts offering more phone verification options again to new profiles, that would solve his problem, too. For now, I think he may be stuck with Organic SEO of his website, unless he can get into direct contact with someone in Mountain View.
Do you have any thoughts on this? I’d love to know!