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A Fresh Website Makeover For A Favorite Client

If you’re a frequent SEOigloo Blog reader, you may have noticed that we widened our own website design a few weeks ago. Study of our analytics revealed that only about 2% of our visitors were still using those old 800×600 screen resolutions and this gave us the push we needed to give our site design a little more breathing room with a wider design. We’re really enjoying our new look and hope you are, too, and in addition to this, we realized it was time to talk to some of our clients of longstanding about broadening their design horizons!
old website designGreen Acres Manor Residential Care Home is an assisted living facility located in a large, lovely home in Sonoma County, CA. The young, energetic couple running this elder care home were clients of ours early on in the history of our own business and the website we originally built for them has done a great job of giving them a solid presence on the web.
Yet, time flies, and though we’ve remained in consistent contact with the elder care home owners for updates here and there to their site’s content, it dawned on all of us that the website was due for some freshening up. The art of website design is always evolving, and as a glance at this client’s analytics showed that so few of their visitors were using the older resolutions, we all agreed it was time for some positive new changes. Green Acres Manor now has a fresh new design that keeps them looking current with the changing times and makes great use of the horizontal screen width available to them with a wider design!

website makeover

We’re all feeling really good about this new look for this important local business and feel it offers a very warm welcome to families seeking elder care for their loved ones.
How About You?
Today is a good day to take a look at your own website. Pretend you’ve never seen that familiar home page before and ask yourself if the impression it’s giving off is up-to-date or a little on the stale side. Sometimes, even a few small changes can really freshen things up and send nice signals to your visitors that your business is really keeping on top of creating the best possible user experience for them.
Even when a website’s content, navigation and architecture are already in great shape, the sharpness of presentation can fade over time as website design trends change. We remain ever wary of fads and fancy design gimmicks, preferring to keep the basics as basic as possible in the websites we design, but looking current is a smart move for every active business. Even the best house needs re-painting from time to time and with a little effort, a simple website makeover can really help clients to maintain that pride of ownership that we think is so important on the web.