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A break from graphic design for fine art's sake

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!

Just a little post to let folks know that I may be blogging a bit less than usual during the next week or so. I just started a contract today for a portrait commission. As you may or may not know, prior to becoming a slave to my Photoshop program, I worked for a number of years as an artist. Sometimes, when asked, I’ve explained my flair with pixels as being the outcome of all of those years of ceaseless painting, and though this is certainly true, a mouse and a paint brush will always be two very different-feeling objects to me.

With digital art, everything is perfect. Circles, shading, lines. It has that shiny, clean look. It’s harder to see that a human is somewhere behind a digital graphic than it is to detect a mind at work behind the humbler, imperfect strokes of a brush. Each form of art fills its place, but in my own life, the digital stuff has recently been taking up about 3/4 of my time , and it’s awfully nice to be sitting down to a canvas again.

This is an especially gratifying commission for me as it’s a repeat client. A local grandmother with one of the most awesome gardens I’ve ever seen hired me to paint a portrait of her grandchildren several years ago. The subject involved the children playing in her garden amongst the raspberries, apple trees and exquisite flowers. The portrait was hung in a place of honor in her home, and is an object of true pride to her whole family. Now, the passage of time has brought new children into the family, and I was truly touched to be asked to create a new painting.

This one will be of two little grandsons playing amongst the pumpkins, sunflowers and corn, and I am so looking forward to digging deep into the vibrancy of autumn. Back in my non-stop painting days, I did one fall painting every year, for submission to the local Harvest Fair juried art exhibition. This is a big deal in our county, and I was blessed to take first place in this event many years in succession. And then, I figured I’d accomplished all I could from the competition, and I don’t believe I’ve painted the fall since then. So, it’s good to get back into that palette of rich, harvest color.

If you’d like to view my work, please visit my fine art website. Unfortunately, most of the pieces on the site are long since sold, but I enjoy showing this gallery to prospective web design clients. It’s an excellent way to demonstrate that my abilities are honed when it comes to approaching the creation of any graphic image. It has even lead to clients asking that I create something by hand for them, as opposed to simply firing up Photoshop. Actually, working with a combination of the two can produce some super results, such as this logo I recently designed for a new client, Wine Country Honey. The image began as a pen and ink drawing. I then scanned it, and overlaid the color and the text. This was a very fun project for me, and a nice way of proving that digital and hand-rendered art can be blended into a happy medium.

And now I’ve got to go mix some paint!