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5 Reasons Why I Blog – Tagged Again!

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
Sophie Wegat of Think Prospect has just tagged me in the new meme going around the blogosphere. Cheers, Sophie! The topic of this week’s tag game is 5 Reasons Why I Blog. So, here there are:
1) I love writing
When I was 4 years old I wrote my first ‘children’s book’ for other children. As a school-aged kid, I wrote exciting dramas about the complex and astonishingly silly lives of imaginary peers. As an adult I graduated from nibbling pencils to tapping keys and I doubt that I will ever lose my love of the written word. Granted, fuzzy ducklings and star-crossed youths will seldom make an appearance on the SEOigloo blog (though perhaps this would be an unusual approach to presenting search engine optimization to the public), but I truly relish the fact that part of my work day involves writing, whether for clients or here on the blog.
2) Had to learn how to do this
We’re relative latecomers to the blogging scene and were feeling dopey that we didn’t know how blogs worked, but lack of time kept preventing us from spending the time to learn. Finally, the disgruntlement became too much for us and we at last learned how this super technology works.
3) I want to share what I know
There’s a great tradition of sharing in the web/SEO community and I like to keep this custom flowing. I like to be able to share answers I’ve discovered with colleagues, and I especially like to help small business owners by blogging about subjects that are important to them.
4) The blog is a welcome sign
The interactive quality of the blog acts like a welcome sign for our business. It shows that human beings are at work behind the front door of our company and invites folks to write to us who may be wanting to learn more about our services. The on-going nature of the blog shows that we are very much open for business and that our minds are always keyed into what’s going on in the world of search.
5) It’s a nice way to pass notes
I think it’s fun to go from blog to blog, seeing who’s been there, who’s said what, what’s going on that day ‘at work’. It’s so easy to leave a note on a colleague’s blog, asking them a question, giving an opinion or just chiming in with a laugh at something funny. They can, then, in turn, stop by my blog to say hello. The ease of use is very appealing.
So, there you have it: 5 reasons I blog. Unfortunately, having been away from the computer most of the afternoon, I bet everyone I know has already been tagged. But I am now going to tag 4 very nice people:
Joe Dolson
Rand McCarley
Matt McGee
Elizabeth Able