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5 Industries I Want To Work With In The Happy New Year Of 2008!

happy new year planet
Greetings and Happy New Year from inside the SEOigloo to All Our Wonderful Readers and to our Amazing Planet Earth!
This morning, I found myself wondering who my husband and I would be meeting in this new year on a professional basis. Who will pick up that phone and call us and bring us into the world of their business, giving us the honor of being included in their efforts? I love getting to know new clients. I love learning about what work means to them. It’s exciting to think about all the new industries we’ll get a chance to learn about in 2008.
There are 5 industries I can quickly name within which we’d absolutely love to be doing web design, copywriting and SEO this year. Here’s my list:
1. Green Businesses
This is absolutely at the top of my list. If you’ve got an organic farm, a solar power company, a conscientious home products business, a homesteading effort, a vegan venture or anything designed to bring green alternatives and education to the public, we want to work with you. We love our planet and want to help you create a search-engine-friendly, human-friendly website that really gets that information out there to help people start taking better care of our amazing Earth.
2. Local Businesses
Local search optimization and copywriting requires its own neat set of skills and we hope to use ours in this area as much as possible in the coming year. If you’re in the business of serving your local neighbors, whether with goods or professional services, we want to work with you and teach you what local search is all about. This year, my husband and I are going to be involved in a local search research project that we believe will truly cement our knowledge about what counts when it comes to ranking well in local search. Exciting stuff! We want to support the whole concept of the community that is built around people shopping and doing business locally, particularly if it means one more quality mom-and-pop store and one less Wal-mart in your town’s landscape. We are cheering on the personal responsibility for excellent customer service that local search, and especially its component of local reviews, creates. We’re looking forward to any local SEO projects we can be part of in 2008!
3. Made In The USA Businesses
My bet is that you’re getting about as fed up as we are with the ever-growing number of news stories about lead in school lunch boxes, toxins in children’s toys and contaminants in imported foods. Anyone who knowingly puts their pocketbook ahead of public health doesn’t deserve to be called a business person. One of our proudest business associations over the past few years has been with a Virginia-based pottery house, Emerson Creek Pottery. Unlike much of the kitchenware that makes its way into American kitchens and dining rooms, Emerson Creek’s dishes and serving pieces are lead-free, made of American clay by American artisans. When you make the choice to buy from American companies like these, you are not only benefiting from the the more rigorous national safety standards of this country, but you know your dollar is going to support an on-shore business. We support the concept of work being created for American workers, here at home. The more we outsource, the weaker our nation becomes, in so many ways. If your company takes pride in that Made in the USA label, we’d be proud to work with you!
4. Handmade, Artisan and Do-it-Yourself Industries
It puts a smile on my face when I see a baby playing with a handmade rag doll or a little kid busy with a handcrafted wooden toy. I absolutely flip over photos of lovely homes furnished with artisan-made goods, and take deepest satisfaction in stories of craftspeople who spend years perfecting their skills. The self-sufficiency enjoyed by those who can work with their own hands to make both the necessities and luxuries of life is an admirable and increasingly rare thing in our civilization. If you are doing-it-yourself or want to get on-line to teach others to do-it-themselves, we’d really like to work with you. In fact, if you work with us, you’ll have the opportunity of learning about do-it-yourself SEO – a whole new set of self-sufficient skills!
5. Educational Efforts
It is our belief that the Internet’s greatest power is its ability to put fabulous educational resources at users’ fingertips. In what other era could I visit The Vatican, read a complete biography of Helen Keller or watch a Mi’kmaq man singing in his native tongue all in one evening, from the comfort of my sofa? With an Internet connection, any person can fill their life with intense, enjoyable studies of everything under the sun. We really enjoy taking on projects that are educational in nature, and of particular interest to us is the homeschooling effort being made in this country today. If your educational institution or one-man teaching effort is hoping to improve your web presence in 2008, we’d like to work with you.
Every week, I come across companies on the web who have something really valuable to offer but who are presenting that offering in a way that fails to comply with good SEO and Usability standards. I see sales copy for eBooks full of spelling errors. I see small businesses lacking an understanding of title tags and meta descriptions. I see local companies without a listing in Google maps. Let’s make 2008 great by working together!
Happy New Year Everybody!