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The Rudiments Of Local SEO

I was truly gratified by the industry recognition of my recent article, The Zen of Local SEO and what I’m writing today is a follow-up post. In The Zen of Local, I discussed the futility of trying to write a static tactical guide for implementation of a Local Search campaign, because of the constant changes […]

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The Zen Of Local SEO

Have you ever searched the web for a totally solid guide to implementing Local SEO and come up empty handed? There’s an excellent reason for this. Unlike traditional SEO, in which ongoing new tactics can be added to a base of actions that have been reasonably similar for more than a decade, Local SEO exists […]

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If I Already Know Your Local Business, I Still Need To Know Your Hours

This may seem like a no-brainer, but highly visible inclusion of your shop’s hours of operation on your website should never be overlooked. I’ve run into several instances of missing hours lately, so think of this a helpful reminder that any local business currently engaged in building a new website or improving an existing one […]

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