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My Illustrated Plea To The Google Places Help Forum Team

Dear Google, You are the king of search. When I ask you for stuff, you give it to me. Whether I am searching for Abraham Lincoln’s height, a Chinese restaurant or tomorrow’s weather, you give it to me. I type things into your inviting, rectangular search box with its understated yet handsome grey border every […]

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A Valentine For Local Business Owners From Solas Web Design

No one works harder than the local business owner! The challenges are many and so are the opportunities. When it comes to your website Your copy Your Local SEO You don’t deserve to run into scammers and spammers Let Solas Web Design give you a Sweet Deal On Quality Services That Are Worthy Of You! […]

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Google Places Thinks Jack In The Box Is A Vegan Restaurant

I run the search ‘vegan restaurant, x city, california’ not infrequently to see if any noteworthy new ones have turned up. Well, today I encountered Google’s opinion on the 2nd most relevant vegan restaurant in Novato, California, and as you can see from my screenshot…it’s Jack in the Box. Really, it’s kind of the last […]

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Interview With Google Places Help Forum Top Contributors: Blumenthal And Zhekov

In recent months, Google has empowered a growing number of their Places Help Forum’s active participants with Top Contributor status, resulting in a substantial increase in the number of questions receiving truly helpful answers. This is very welcome improvement in the eyes of both local business owners and Local SEOs. Long-time Top Contributor, Mike Blumenthal […]

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