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Why Local Paid Inclusion Is A Bad Idea

Like every other Local SEO in the country, I’ve spent the afternoon glued to the Bruce Clay/Local Paid Inclusion story. In case you missed it, Search Engine Watch published a

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How To Spin An Article And Why You Shouldn't

A few months ago, I was repeatedly solicited by a relatively visible Internet Marketing firm that was trying to hook me up with some type of program. I declined the offer, but an acquaintance ending up hiring this firm to undertake an SEO campaign for him. Later, I got an inside look at one of […]

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My Second Article About Best Buy In 3 Years

Do you remember these guys? The guys who ran your town’s computer store in 1980? The above graphic is pulled from my original post on this topic: Best Buy Brings On Crashing Wave Of Nostalgia. In that piece, I compared my fondly-remembered formative experiences in the computer stores of three decades ago to the headache […]

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