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Defining Local Content For Business Owners With Questions

Over at CopyLocal.com, I’ve taken my best shot at giving a Definition of Local Content. I’ve explained what it is, why, when and where it should be published and have given three detailed examples of types of content three hypothetical North American businesses might publish. If you’re a local business owner or who have local […]

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Why Open Source Shouldn't Equal Open Season In Google Places

Back in November of 2008, I wrote an article in response to the following statement from a Google rep: The wiki nature of Google Maps expands upon Google’s steadfast commitment to open community. That said, we also work very hard internally to identify behavior that doesn’t benefit the community and to take the appropriate actions. […]

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Can A Competitor Make Your Local Business Look Closed?

Yes, it appears they can, with as little as two reports of closure within Google Places. Read my roundup of this issue of false reports of business closures at Search Engine Guide, and don’t miss Mike Blumenthal’s breaking-news coverage of this crazy and just plain rotten tactic.

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Solas Web Design Launches CopyLocal.com

It’s been eight years since Solas Web Design put down our first roots on the web, and now, like a healthy tree, we’re branching out. This week, we’ve launched our own subsidiary company CopyLocal.com. We will continue to offer the SEO-based website design, Local SEO and Copywriting Services here at Solas Web Design for which […]

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