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A Google Postcard Verification Issue That I'd Never Heard Of Before

Here’s a really interesting scenario being described in the Google Places Help Forum, to wit: We are a national home builder with sales offices in about 150 communities in 8 states. In most cases, the sales office addresses are on brand new streets with brand new addresses that Google Maps does not yet recognize. We […]

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The Case Of The 5 Vanishing Reviews In The New Places Layout

Thanks, Mike & Richard, for clearing up the mystery! See comments below. And, sorry, Google. It was me that was buggy this time…not you!. Over the past few days, there has been massive reportage about the changes in Google’s handling of reviews and overall Place Page layout changes (actually, 90% of it has emanated from […]

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Linda Buquet Demonstrates Organic/Local Correlation And Offers Tool

Today is a busy one for me, but I just had to take a couple of minutes out of my schedule to point the way to this awesome post by my friend and colleague, Linda Buquet, of Catalyst eMarketing. Since the rollout of the blended local/organic SERPs last October, all of the local SEOs I […]

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