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Unlocking the Word Hoard – Copywriting Advice You May Not Get Elsewhere

Him se yldesta andswarode, werodes wisa, wordhord onleac: That noblest man then gave him an answer, the leader of the band unlocked his word-hoard: Keep it simple, stupid. This oft-quoted mantra of the web copywriting industry contains its share of wisdom, but it has also proved the K.I.S.S. of death to much creativity in the […]

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Formal Rollout Of Our Hourly Internet Marketing Consultation Service!

If You Could Spend An Hour Chatting With An Internet Marketer, What Questions Would You Ask? Whether you’re totally new to the web and need guidance with the very first steps of getting your website up and running or you’ve been around the Internet block but are standing at a fork in the road, trying […]

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Has Google Got The Warmth To Be Local And Social?

A quick heads-up to check out my latest post at Search Engine Guide: Local And Social Require Heart – Does Google Qualify?. It is already getting a number of tweets and I hope you can find the time to peruse it. I want Google to consider whether they really have the mindset and human-centric focus […]

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