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How Many Place Pages Can Your Local Business Have?

Google tries to put it in black and white with their Google Places Quality Guidelines but from my work as a Local SEO consultant, writer and contributor at SEOmoz, Search Engine Guide, Cre8asite and on the phone every day here at Solas Web Design, it’s clear to me that big parts of the picture are […]

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Firefox Funk In Google's HotPot

Last week, I wrote about an oddity I was encountering in Google HotPot. When attempting to leave a rating/review, I was being limited to some 368 characters, unhappily curtailing my fluid prose. Google’s Lior Ron kindly stopped by to let me know that no such limit exists and that my reviews could be as long […]

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Bugs And Grumbles In Google's HotPot?

There has been much posting and understandable excitement on the Local SEO front since the launch of Google HotPot in mid-November. Combining Local and Social in the form of quick, snappy ratings that are then shared with your ‘friends’ is what it’s all about, and while this is certainly an idea of merit, the fact […]

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