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Are You Having A Great Green Summer?

May this be the year that huge numbers of Americans step out of the bleary glare of the supermarket and onto the dirt road where their nearest organic small farmer is selling what is truly freshest and best from his farm stand or store. It’s August and you’d be hard put to find a better […]

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Are These Reviews Authentic? You Be The Judge.

SEOigloo blog reader and professional reputation consultant, Paul Sherland got in touch with me recently because he’d stumbled across something that seemed a little odd to him when looking at the Google Place Page of a local business, Goodson Honda West of Houston, Texas. I thought what Paul noticed was worthy of sharing with you, […]

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Wildly Celebrating Google Places New Owner Response Feature!

It was just last week that I wrote this article sympathizing with a local business owner who was agonizing over the fact that he had no way to respond to what he felt was a fake, malicious review of his business. Yes, just last week, but for years now I’ve bemoaned the lack of power […]

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Our Professional Copywriting Services Section Gets A Rewrite

Mama says I was born with a pen in my hand and a curiosity about language in my soul. It must be true, as a fascination with the written and spoken word is so much a part of me, it almost is me. Small wonder, then, that when my husband and I founded Solas Web […]

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