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Hire A Copywriter…Please

Mondays can be groggy and grey. Want a brightening laugh? Read this article about a castle in The Netherlands, from which I’ll quote: After passing through the centuries, Valkenburg castle is now the only remaining local government, but at least conscious right, remains of the castle should not disappear, I also need to keep maintained. […]

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My 3 Latest Posts

Posting has been light here at the SEOigloo Blog recently, but I have been busy over at Search Engine Guide. If you’d care to have a leisurely read of my latest articles, here they are: The Yelp BBQ And The Crummy Chiropractic Scheme Eight Little Gripes With Google Maps Should Your Hyperlocal Blog Muckrake? Spring […]

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Seeds Of Compassion

Here’s some hopeful news we have to share and which may do a bit to restore your faith in humanity. Our highly valued clients of longstanding, Dan and Linda Busch of 2BSeeds.com, are doing something very real to help American families get through lean times. 2Bseeds is offering a packet of free tomato seeds to […]

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