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Happy Olympics, World!

Long before the Internet, the Olympic Games have had a means of uniting the world. Tonight, billions of earthlings will turn on their TVs to watch the opening ceremonies of 2010 Olympics and, for a precious moment in time, our global thoughts will be bent on themes of goodwill, fun and joy. There is nothing […]

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Reflections On An Unemployed Chinese Chef

A couple of weeks ago, I came across the YouTube page of a fellow named Kai. I spent the next couple of hours watching video after video, reaching the conclusion that this man is a past master at the art of that made-in-the-USA overwhelmingly favorite cuisine – Chinese restaurant food. In mainland China, people don’t […]

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Google Acting Like Merchant Circle With Nearby Places Move

Check your Google Place Page today if you haven’t in awhile – the one with your business name on it, your photos, your reviews, directions, videos, contact information, custom made maps and etc. on it. The one you’ve claimed. Scroll down a bit, and you’re likely to encounter something that looks like this: Yes, chances […]

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