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Go-To-Client And Home Businesses Out Of Google's Local Loop

Thanks to Mike Blumenthal for pointing out what looks like it will be a gradual integration of Google’s Street View into local business profiles. I had to do a lot of searches in Google Maps before I could get one like this to appear, so I guess this will take awhile to be fully integrated. […]

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Time Or Money – Why Small Businesses Need One, The Other Or Both

Expectations are funny things. I don’t know of any other medium that can be compared to the web for it’s ability to set false expectations of free or easy or instant success. Whereas virtually no one would expect to create, stock, open, advertise and promote a brick and mortar store on a thin dime, I […]

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A Little Respect, Please

I run a small business offering web services to other small businesses. Being small doesn’t make me dumb or a doormat; it doesn’t make the SEOigloo blog an appropriate place to drop links. Today, a new IYP company attempted to drop this link in my recent post regarding Google’s Caffeine Update: If you are looking […]

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Will Google Caffeine Alter Google's 10 Pack?

As you’ve likely heard, Caffeine is the name Google has given to some changes they are making under the hood. Word has it that these changes relate chiefly to how Google indexes documents rather than the user interface. Speculation is rampant as to the potential effects of Caffeine, and Andy Beal has written an interesting […]

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Amazing Application Of Maps In Google Book Search

Maybe I’m behind the times on this and Google has been doing this with their Book Search results for awhile now, but tonight I saw something for the first time while using Google Books that I thought was really noteworthy. I was doing a search for one of the best books I’ve read in the […]

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A Fresh Website Makeover For A Favorite Client

If you’re a frequent SEOigloo Blog reader, you may have noticed that we widened our own website design a few weeks ago. Study of our analytics revealed that only about 2% of our visitors were still using those old 800×600 screen resolutions and this gave us the push we needed to give our site design […]

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