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Edit, Remove and Respond To Reviews – Tools For Conflict Resolution

Before you write that scathing review, before you threaten to sue, stop, cool down and read this article. It could save you a world of trouble. About a week ago, Mike Blumenthal drew my attention to

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2nd Annual Local Search Ranking Factors Released!

The word on the web is that if you only read one article on Local Search this year, make sure it’s David Mihm’s Local Search Ranking Factors, just published today. What Is It? Local Search Ranking Factors is an in-depth survey inaugurated in 2008 by David Mihm. The survey brings together dedicated Local Search marketers […]

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Proud Of Our Client's New Safe Baby Product

Working as a web designer, SEO and copywriter over the years, I’ve come to believe firmly in good fits for specific projects. Find a firm that is in alignment with your company values, quickly grasps your company voice and shares your beliefs that the promotion of your business will really be a benefit to some […]

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The 2 Main Reasons Why I Unsubscribe To Blogs

When I visit a blog for the first time, if it looks even remotely interesting to me, I subscribe to its RSS feed with the plan of reading articles the blog publishes for awhile to see if I like what the blogger is doing. Maybe other blog readers set the bar higher initially, and don’t […]

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Watching Weeds Grow Around The Phone Book

Does it look like this in your town? Over a week ago, the phone books were delivered to my neighborhood, and the above is a photo I took of a set of 10 mailboxes. As you can see, 8 of the mailbox owners have left their phone books laying rather forlornly on the ground, subject […]

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Reader Question: Who Owns My Google LBC Listings?

Here’s a great question from a reader that I thought deserved a blog-post-length reply. Reader, Amy, writes: My issue is that I’ve recently joined a company (client-side) and there’s no trace of who set up the LBC listings for each of our hotels, whether it was someone internal or not. So now that i need […]

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