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Google's More/Hide Bug Continues In Maps

Three weeks after first writing about this in this blog post, the more/hide bug continues in the reviews portion of Google Maps. As a refresher, this bug is not allowing me to click to the full text of many of my Google-based reviews via the more/hide link. I click more, I get hide. I click […]

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Google's Dirty Maps Need A Good Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung! Time to beat the rugs, shine the window glass for the best view of the explosion of new life outside; time to mop, scrub and dust all of those elusive corners inside that you let slide all the sleepy winter long. Time to get your house spic and span, in keeping with […]

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Utterly Frustrating Experience With Google's LBC

You’ve got a client whom you’re helping to edit and create local profiles in order to ensure that their local contact information is well and truly represented across the web. It’s not a hard task, and really, the only challenging part comes in when the client’s participation is required as part of the editing process…as […]

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Bloggers and Pro Journalists – Created Equal?

Matt McGee’s latest Hyperlocal Blogger post, Local Bloggers are Getting No Respect, caught my eye this morning with its reference to a NY Times piece on the current local news climate. As a disclaimer, be it known that I so support the potential power and creative opportunities of hyperlocal blogging that I wrote a big […]

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Google Reviews – Woes and Weirdness

Mike Blumenthal has just authored an informative post regarding Google’s Review Policy. In the comments on Mike’s post, I mentioned that I’ve been considering writing about Google’s reviews, myself, but that the variety of oddities I keep encountering in this portion of Google Maps has made it difficult to focus a post, and in truth, […]

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Google Local Is What's For Dinner

Until now, Google’s Local 10 pack of information has been something of a side dish, typically only ordered up when searchers added geo-modifiers like city names or zip codes to their searches. Today, Google has changed Local’s status to a main entree in the SERPs menu, including 10-pack results for countless, non-geo-modified broad searches. This […]

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