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Conversation with a friendly lady at MapQuest

In my continuing documentation of our efforts to get a client’s incorrect maps/business data corrected, I’d like to document here my phone conversation with Sandy, a very helpful MapQuest employee. For all of you groaning over the anonymity of Google Maps, even when the businesses in their index are being robbed blinder than bats by […]

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Trying to get neighborly with MapQuest, Google Maps and Yahoo Local

This is the first of a series of short posts I intend to write in order to document my progress with getting a serious error rectified across the 3 major mapping entities: MapQuest, Google Maps and Yahoo Local. As you may recall, some weeks ago, I was contacted by a small business owner who showed […]

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How To Use User Reviews To Let Out The Activist In You

So, maybe you’re not ready to tear up your lawn to grow your own food, ditch your car for a bicycle or pick up your sign and start marching, but I bet you care strongly about your town and the quality of life it offers to you and your family. My latest Search Engine Guide […]

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The Wasted Space On My Printer Paper – When Copy Needs Help

When you work on computers all day, your eyes are in danger of suffering strain. It’s important to close your eyes from time to time and especially to move your gaze around the room every few minutes. I try to be vigilant about doing this, and for the past few month, my resting eyes have […]

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