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My Response to Google's Maps Happiness Survey

Many thanks to Mike Blumenthal for alerting me to the Google Maps User Happiness Survey. I was pleased as punch to be able to give Google some feedback about my experience with using Maps, and I hope it will be useful to them. I thought you might like to read my responses to the 3 […]

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New Search Refinements in Google Maps

Maybe I’ve just missed this, but today I ran into something I’ve not seen before in Google Maps while doing a search for architects berkeley ca. Look at the options I was given to refine my search by neighborhood or user rating. When I clicked on user ratings, I was shown this: As you can […]

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SMB Dilemma – When All Maps Are Dead Wrong

What do you do when the three major mapping sources – Google, Yahoo, and MapQuest – not only can’t pinpoint your local business, but also don’t believe your road exists? That’s the situation that came to light in a recent conversation I had with a very nice small business owner in the town of Hayward, […]

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Paging Mary Bowling, Local SEO

I’ve had Mary Bowling’s blog Optimized in my feedreader since several of my friends came back from the Local SEO conference in San Francisco a couple of months ago and told me what a neat lady she was. Her latest post regarding adding attributes to your Google LBC record proves to me that she is […]

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Just Writing Away…

Every week, I have to divide my time between the various places I write. The truth is, I have no schedule for this. Different ideas occur to me and I determine which venue will be the most appropriate for them. It’s pretty lovely to have a choice. Over the past week or so, I’ve written […]

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The Simple SEO Cake Recipe

Our chum, David Mihm, very rightly observes that Yellow Pages and Bologna SEO companies capture customers by dint of their simplicity. Buy the biggest YP ad, get the most phone calls. Buy into the idea that submitting your website to Google means success on the web and you’re spared the challenge of any learning curve. […]

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