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Competitor Left A Negative Review? An In-Depth Look At What To Do.

Imagine you’re a local business owner. You live in a small town, and your family runs Tacos Fantasticos, one of the two Mexican restaurants in your neighborhood. You work long, hard days serving up delicious food and treating your customers with courtesy and care. Your livelihood depends on it. One afternoon, one of your regular […]

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Could An IP Cost You Your Reviews?

Greg Sterling has posted a thought-provoking article summarizing current negative publicity centering on Yelp and its alleged extortion of local business owners. This CBS coverage features quotes from several small business owners who claim that Yelp representatives offered to push negative user reviews down the ranks in exchange for a monthly fee. Yelp’s response has […]

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Donna Fontenot Asks For Peace

My friend and fellow Search Marketer, Donna Fontenot is instituting a simple reminder of the ideals of world peace so many of us truly long for. You can get your badge at her new site, ForPeaceNow.com. What Peace Really Means To Me To me, the word peace is basically interchangeable with the lovely word, civility. […]

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UGC Adds Numbers To Citations in Google Maps

I don’t know if this will be of interest to anyone but my brainy friends in Local Search, including Andrew (there’s your link, Andrew), but I just noticed something peculiar about the new UGC tab in Google Maps. When you click on the UGC tab, it changes the number of Web Pages. To be clear, […]

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Writing For Your Neighbors – Copy For Local Search

My idea of a dream project with fresh u-pick strawberries on top is a contract writing copy for a local business in an interesting locale. When local businesses hire me to create their website’s text copy, I warn them to expect a bombardment of questions along the lines of: What goes on there? What’s the […]

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