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5 Words And Phrases To Handle With Care On The Web

Kim Krause Berg has just authored a very thoughtful post on the power of the words we use on the web. From Kim’s post: Since people can’t throw pots at each other online, we try to use words to communicate our feelings and ideas. However, it’s not enough to write sentences and be grammatically correct. […]

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Home Depot Staff Needs Down Home Lesson In Manners

I spend a lot of time on the telephone. I wake up each day with a simple itinerary of about 83 million calls to be made by nightfall. But, I’m happy about that. I like being on the phone. Today, the call I was most looking forward to was one to Mike Belasco of SEO […]

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Under New Management And Under A Black Cloud – Hotels and User Reviews

Have you noticed this interesting little change in Google Maps’ top level interface? They are now including user review snippets for many businesses right there at the top. Localhound Tim and I both noticed this change but weren’t sure when exactly it had happened. Leave it to Mr. Blumenthal to provide a citation of it […]

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David Mihm's Local Search Ranking Factors – Don't Miss!

I was so delighted to take part in David Mihm’s comprehensive survey of 20 Local SEOs. The participants in this tremendous survey on Local Search Ranking Factors are some of my favorite folks in search. It turns out there is a lot of disagreement amongst local SEO practitioners as you will see when you read […]

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Could Local Manufacture Be An Answer?

The cost of gas – UP The cost of food – UP The housing market – Holy Toledo! The environment – Uh-oh! Americans are looking around at a worrying landscape these days. As the cost of fuel skyrockets, we are looking in our wallets to see how to stretch a dollar around the necessities of […]

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3 Things Your Local Business Can Offer That The Internet Can't

Matt McGee just wrote an extremely thought-provoking post about the effect the Internet is having on small, local businesses. Is the Internet the enemy? Is it destroying our concepts of community? Will Mom & Pop survive in the Amazon.com world? The Truth Is, Mom & Pop Have Been Having Trouble For Centuries Let’s take a […]

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The Hardy Boys Method of Clever Tie-Ins

My friend, Elizabeth Able, is trying to help frazzled web workers take creative mini-vacations in order to maintain balance and a sunny disposition. I liked this article, and I’m a firm believer in making the most out of moments of repose and fun. Like most of our colleagues, my husband and I tend to work […]

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