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I'd Like To Be a PODS Customer, But They Are Making It Too Hard

Last week, Mike Blumenthal blogged about hurdles being put in his way by a hotel asking for customer reviews. I’m finding myself in a similar situation with a popular moving/storage company called PODS and I think the issues I’m facing with them are worth noting. I heard about PODS from my sister (good old word […]

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Search Engine Land Features John Tuggle, Our Client

We are thrilled that our friend Matt McGee has done an interview in his column over at Search Engine Land with our client, John W. Tuggle of Learning Guitar Now. This interview shows some great insight into the potential a small business has to win success online. Using well-honed teaching methods that he has developed […]

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State Park Reviews Now Enabled in Google Maps!

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo! Back in January, I was disgruntled to discover that Google Maps wasn’t allowing reviews of State Parks. My post led to speculation that perhaps this had something to do with the legality of reviewing governmental entities. Whatever the case may have been, I am thrilled to announce that Google is […]

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