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10 SEO Copywriting Tips for Hyperlocal Bloggers – A 5 Part Series

Maybe it was just this week that you first heard the term hyperlocal blogging and wondered exactly what it meant and whether it could help you to promote your local business. Maybe you’re a small business owner who has been lugging around a bit of unspoken guilt about the fact that when everyone else seemed to jump on the blogging bandwagon a few years ago, you got left behind. You were too busy, you thought it would be a passing fad, you didn’t see how devoting time to the idea could benefit your company. Maybe you’re a web designer or an SEO and are struggling to find ways to help your client, the local plumber, gain more relevant visibility on a truly appropriate local level.
If so, then take it from me that NOW is the time for all good local business owners to come to the aid of their communities by embracing the hyperlocal blog and its brilliant potential as business promotion tool.
I’ve authored a 5-part series on hyperlocal blogging, the goal of which is to teach you to think creatively about turning your static web presence into a vibrant hometown resource. I’ve discerned 10 interesting approaches you can take to writing effective blog posts that will meet your neighbors’ needs while exposing them to your brand and your professional expertise. I’ve set each of the posts in a different region of California to provide sensible scenarios for different types of communities. Here’s a summary of the main points in my series:
10 Copywriting Tips For The Hyperlocal Blog
1. Tap into hometown pride
2. Recognize community concerns
3. Be an ambassador
4. Get into local controversy – with care!
5. Get down to business – your business
6. Remember the good old days
7. Be generous with your expertise
8. Help your new neighbors
9. Promote your neighbor
10. Ask your readers

Dig into these tips by reading the 5 following articles:

I’ve tried to make these articles as informative and pleasant to read as possible. It’s my hope that perusing them will really get your creative energy flowing and that you’ll identify many other approaches to writing great hyperlocal blog posts that I haven’t covered in this series. If you come up with a great new tip or technique, I hope you’ll share it here.
Writing copy for a hyperlocal audience is one of my most cherished professional tasks. Striving to absorb the qualities that unite and divide communities is a challenge I can’t resist. If, after reading my series, you find that you’re excited about the prospect of hyperlocal blogging for the benefit of your business and your neighbors, you are welcome to contact me.
We build small business blogs, offer consultation and even provide professional copywriting services. Maybe you only need a word of advice, or perhaps you need a pro to walk you through this new field of opportunities step by step. If your main business goal is to become an essential goods or services provider in your local community, I’d like to hear from you.