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Website Redesign Services

Don’t have the search engine rankings, traffic or sales you want? It may be time for a web site redesign!

Which Of The 4 Following Reasons Describes Why You’ve Come To This Page?

  • I designed my website myself, and it’s just not doing what I need it to for my business.
  • I paid someone else to design my website, and they didn’t do a good job.
  • My website functions well, but it’s looking pretty outdated.
  • My website isn’t achieving my goals.

About Our Website Redesign Services

Over the past decade, a large percentage of our work has involved redesigning sites that were failing to act as true assets for their owners. This work has enabled us to identify the most common reasons business owners like you come to us for redesign projects.

6 Signs It’s Time For A Redesign:

1) Lack Of Clarity About What Your Business Does
If you weren’t you and you visited your website for the first time, would you instantly understand what your company does? One of the most common website failings we encounter is that of vagueness. Within the first few seconds of landing on your website, the visitor must be told who you are, what you offer and how doing business with you will benefit him. If your site isn’t getting this across with absolute clarity, opportunities are definitely being lost. We teach our clients how to define the core benefits of what they offer to the public and we redesign sites so that this most important message is given top billing.

2) Lack Of Professional Visual Presentation
If your website looks homemade or was built by a hobbyist rather than a pro, you are giving visitors a less-than-ideal impression of the quality of your products or services. There’s no shame in starting small, and many of our website redesign clients have come to us because they needed to start out on the web with a free template or other inexpensive site solution such as Microsoft Frontpage, but over time have realized how an unprofessional presentation in holding them back. We are able to take the contents of a homemade-looking site and re-purpose them in an utterly professional, gorgeous new design that results in a completely different user impression of the quality and trustworthiness of the business. If you want your visitors to take you seriously, you must treat your website with total seriousness. There are no two ways about this.

3) Lack Of Professional Knowledge
You won’t enjoy the benefits of a professional website unless a professional level of knowledge was put into the development of it. We believe that small business owners are experts at what they do, whether they sell clocks, build homes or provide legal counsel. Unless you have the desire and time to devote years of study to the disciplines of design, SEO, human usability, copywriting and marketing, you will likely be much better off hiring an expert who can put his or her skills in these fields to work for you while you continue to devote yourself to what you do best – running your business. As designers, it’s obvious to us the moment we visit any site whether or not it was professionally developed, and while this may be less obvious to the average user, he definitely knows whether the site is easy to find and use. If your website was built by a hobbyist rather than a pro and is failing to thrive, chances are it is suffering from points 4 and 5 on our list.

4) Lack Of Crawlability
If the person who built your website was not educated about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), chances are, it’s suffering from some serious problems. Typical issues we encounter in this scenario include websites heavy in Flash, Javascript, frames or images that can’t be easily crawled by search engines, resulting in pages that are virtually blank when the search engine bots come to look at them. It’s not overstating things to call this a fatal flaw. Search engine rankings and traffic are important to nearly every business, but if the search engines can’t read your pages, your website has little chance of achieving success. Any designer you work with must understand the basics of writing crawlable code, implementing good basic SEO practices on each and every page of your site, and developing your whole website in compliance with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. We consider SEO to be a basic component of any good website, but if your original site was built without this knowledge, prepare for an SEO-based redesign of your site making a huge difference for your company. Time and again, we’ve watched our website redesign clients go from nowhere to page one in Google’s results and we’ve seen increases of as much as 400% in client profits after working with us. Like any legitimate design firm, we make a strong point of not guaranteeing results – after all, we don’t control the search engines – but this we know with certainty: if your website can’t be crawled and isn’t optimized, opportunities are definitely being lost for your business.

5) Lack Of Good Human Usability
You own your website, but it’s your visitors who use it. Build it for their comfort! Nearly every website we’ve ever re-designed was suffering from minor or major issues with navigation menus, forms, site structure and calls to action that were making it hard, instead of beautifully easy, for humans to use the site. Frequently, the biggest task in redesigning a website lies in understanding all of the available content and organizing it into a layout that not only enables users to make their desired actions, but that persuades them to take the actions you most want them to take. We have often noticed that older sites which originally had a good overall plan ruling their structure can become a confusing maze as time goes on and new pages and products get added. The original plan is lost and the contents of the site become riddled with obstacles and pitfalls. We bring considerable experience to identifying such human usability issues and correcting them so that the flow of your website makes it a pleasure for your visitors to use it while calling them to your most desired actions, whether that’s filling out a form, picking up a phone or purchasing a product.

6) Lack Of Time
If it’s July and there’s a Christmas tree on your homepage, you’ve got a big problem on your hands and are sending a message to your users that your business is neglected. Visitors may even think you’ve gone out of business. Small business owners are definitely the busiest people we know, and if lack of time has resulted in portions of your website, or even your whole website, becoming outdated and stale, freshening things up can have a very positive effect on your profits and your morale. Quite frequently, a complaint we hear from small business owners is that the person who originally built their website has become hard to reach. Perhaps the site was built by a relative, a friend or a hobbyist who has moved onto other things and this has resulted in website neglect. Not only can we redesign your outmoded site, but we also form long term webmastering relationships with our clients and respond promptly to all needs as they arise. This isn’t a hobby for us – it’s what we do for a living and we have seen first-hand the difference it makes when a business is presented as current, lively and up-to-date. If the work you are already doing to run your business isn’t leaving room for webmastering your site, or if your original webmaster is no longer meeting your needs, we are ready to devote our time to you. That’s what we’re here for!

Sound Familiar?

If any of the points on our list of 6 common website issues hit home with you, chances are, it’s time to consider a professional redesign of your website. Whether your issues are visual, technical or not covered in the above list, we are eager to learn the story of your business and to help you tell that story on the web in a professional, powerful new way. Perhaps the most common scenario we encounter is that a small business owner may just not have a clear idea of how to present his or her business. You may need advice in many areas, from logo design, to website design and development, to copywriting, SEO or specific areas of marketing.

You may be wishing you could just talk to someone who would take a look at your business and help you to identify the right way to present what you do to the public. This attention, insight and actionable advice is what you can expect from Solas Web Design, coupled with our readiness to put our suggestions and your wishes into action.

Our goal is the same as yours: to see you owning a website that is a real asset to your company and a source of personal pride. If profits and pride are what you seek, we are ready to hear from you!

Just need advice?
If you already have a webmaster with whom you’re happy, or you are capable of redesigning your website yourself, but want professional guidance in doing so, we offer a special service just for you. Our expert website review, The Long Email, enables you to get a professional audit of your website for a very modest investment. You will benefit from receiving our advice and suggestions which you can then put into action yourself. Read more about The Long Email service.

Would more education be helpful?
We enjoy publishing case studies of our website redesign projects on our blog. We invite you to read the following educational articles:

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