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Got Burning Questions About Your Website, SEO, Local Search Marketing and More?

Get Cool, Quick, Helpful Answers With Our Hourly Consultation Service!

There are times when you just need a simple, verbal conversation with an expert to clear away the cobwebs and get your bright ideas flowing. You don’t need in-depth, formal services – you just need to ask some questions or run a few ideas past an engaged, skilled listener to be sure you are making smart, powerful moves for the promotion of your business on the web. Maybe, too, budget is dictating that this isn’t the right moment to make a large investment, but if you could get some of your questions answered and problems solved for a modest fee, it would definitely be worth it to you.

We are ready to consult with you about:

  • Blogs & Blogging
  • Human Usability
  • Choosing A Good Domain Name
  • Choosing Good, Affordable Website Hosting
  • Other Questions About Succeeding On The Web


Countless business people count on our good advice!

In addition to all of the small business owners with whom we’ve been working one-on-one for nearly a decade, our credentials include being engaged by one of the web’s oldest general SEO/Design forums (Cre8asite Forums) as a moderator, one of the world’s most respected SEO firms (SEOmoz) as a Local Search forum consultant and at one of the Internet’s most widely-read marketing publications (Search Engine Guide) as a contributing author.

This excellent experience has made us distinctly skilled at listening to small business owners and answering their important questions. We’re ready to put these skills at your service, providing you with valuable peace of mind that you are making the right decisions about whatever aspects of your business you’d like to discuss.

Your Investment: $150.00/hr.

Contact us for an initial, brief, free chat about your consultation requirements. We absolutely guarantee that if we don’t have the necessary skills in your area of interest, we will tell you so, and can perhaps even refer you to a trusted colleague who does specialize in your areas of need. We only take on consultation projects when we know we can be truly helpful. We’ll assess your needs in our initial conversation and let you know how many hours we recommend you book us for. You might need only an hour of our time, or for more complex issues, you might need more. Every business is unique! We’ll tailor our consultation to your exact needs.

Do you learn better from written documentation than verbal communication? We can consult by email with you, too! Sometimes it helps to have everything written down so that you can refer back to it whenever you wish. Some of our consultation clients like to email us simple lists of questions and we’re happy to provide answers in this manner instead of or in addition to phone consultation.

In today’s economy, business owners can’t afford to make many mistakes. Let us save you from the trouble and financial loss stories that have been brought to our door by unfortunate small business owners who made wrong decisions, took bad advice, hired unqualified marketers or made other totally-avoidable mistakes, simply because they didn’t have the information they needed at the right moment. If your website is failing to rank well, you’re baffled by Local SEO, don’t know what to write about your business, don’t know how to get started on the web or don’t know where it will be most powerful for you to invest your future time or money, a simple consultation with us may be exactly what you need to get clear on where you’re at and firm up your plans for future actions.

We’re ready to listen to your unique business story and to give you the honest, helpful advice that gets you on the road to success!

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