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Professional Web Copywriting

Your Website’s Text Content Is Key To Your Rankings.

If you want to outrank your competitors, you must out-write them.It’s as simple as that. Every service you offer, product you sell, and benefit you provide deserves professional treatment by an expert copywriter. If you don’t have the time or can’t find the words, developing a trusting, communicative business relationship with an exceptional copywriter is the smart solution. Contact Solas Web Design for a free consultation with co-founder and acclaimed copywriter, Miriam Ellis.



A Few Words From Our Professional Copywriter
My written words are all over the web, telling unique stories about great North American businesses, selling products and services and making essential professional impressions. Hire me to write your copy and I will set myself the task of understanding the heart of your company’s mission and goals. The relationship you build with me as your copywriter will result in powerful, effective content for your website that will get your users talking, thinking, shopping and linking. I can share my endorsements and testimonials, but I think the best way to show you what I can do for you is to let you look at samples of live copy that I’ve crafted across the web.

Read My Published Copy – See What I Can Do For You:

If You Like What You’ve Read, Let’s Get Acquainted!

I’m Miriam Ellis, and in addition to being the co-founder of Solas Web Design, I am my firm’s professional copywriter. You will be working directly with me; your important needs will not be tossed into a dim pool of offshore content creators struggling to jam keywords into poorly-written pages without regard for voice, style, fluency or impact. Clients who hire me typically do so because they have hit upon the realization that a website’s written copy is its key tool for presenting a business, selling its products and services, winning backlinks from outside sources and achieving good search engine rankings.

My clients want their web copy to read as beautifully and convincingly as the content found between the covers of respected magazines, journals and books. As the web replaces offline publications, intelligent business owners are profiting from ensuring that the content of their websites is ready to engage the public by being professionally written and edited. Whether you need copy for your homepage, About Us page, descriptions of your products and services or in-depth articles on critical topics, my talent lies in fully comprehending your subject and writing about it with thoughtful creativity and a sincere investment in your success.

To copywriting projects, I bring my knowledge of website design and SEO best practices. This enhances my wholistic understanding of the big picture of web content publishing. In addition to these skills which I use in my daily work life, my lifelong study of languages, etymology and philology adds insight and confidence to my professional abilities as a copywriter. My work will prove to your website’s visitors that your company is smart, trustworthy and committed to meeting customers’ needs. If this is the message you want to send, I’m ready to help you.

Getting To Know You!

I find it engrossing when you tell me the story of your unique business, whether you are selling solar panels in California or landscaping saltboxes in Connecticut. I want to know how you got into your line of business, what it’s like where you live, who your customers are, what they want and how you work to serve them. As we chat and laugh while I’m giving you the 3rd degree, I will be paying attention not only to the details of your business, but to the way you express yourself. I’ll be taking notes and taking cues from you to determine the most authentic way to present your company on the web. Are you casual or formal, high style or down home? My skills will then be put at your service, making that critical connection between what your customers need and what you do to answer that need in a way that will have them coming back to do business with you again.

My professional copywriting services have made a meaningful difference for intelligent business all over the U.S. and my work has been repeatedly nominated in the SEMMYs juried web copy awards. Rather than sing my own praises, though, I’d like to let my clients and colleagues do that for me:

How Real People Respond To My Professional Copywriting:

“The article is absolutely incredible! Seriously, you are the most talented writer I know. Not only is it incredibly well-written, but the fact that you could spend a few hours researching and grasp every nuance of the subject is amazing! It is worth every penny!!”
– Lori Bourne, Owner, Montessori for Everyone

“Miriam, your copywriting for our soap descriptions is nothing short of fine literature and together with the beautiful photography work, we truly have a site that sets us apart from the hundreds of other handcrafted soapmakers on the Internet.”
– Jackie Barth, Owner, Dragonfly Soaps

“Miriam of Solas Web Design has been a great asset to our web development team. Her high energy and positive outlook were inspiring when interviewing and brainstorming for content on our company pages. Then with creative flair she wove the ideas that we had developed into a presentation giving depth and breadth to the concepts that we were looking to communicate. If you are looking for content writing for your web project I can highly recommend Solas from our experience.”
– Adrian D’Atri-Guiran, Owner, Storwell Self Storage

“Thank you. This is perfect…Great job!”
– Kim Kennedy, Owner, VacationBrokenBowLake.com

“You have a great gift for writing and expressing the deeper-reaching effects that many people have not even grasped as yet.”
– Cindy Renshaw, Producer, KGO Radio

“I have in the past extolled Miriam Ellis’s web copywriting skills. She also helped me with the phrasing on this page. As in all of her work, she did a yeomens (yeopersons?) job of copywriting on my behalf.”
– Mike Blumenthal, Owner, Blumenthals

“Wow! Very well said.”
– Gerry Martinez, Owner, MyCompleteInteriors.com

“More brilliance from Miriam Ellis.”
– Kim Krause Berg, Owner, Cre8pc

Your Investment

I try to keep this as simple as possible.

My rate for most projects is $150/page.

My editing rate for existent copy is $100/hour.

I can work for your business in two distinct capacities: as an editor and as a copywriter. Some companies simply need a professional to look over their text copy and to edit it for correctness. Others choose to present a basic list of keywords and key points that need to be made within a page and have this list turned into a fully fleshed-out, polished piece of copy. I am happy to put my skills at your service for both types of projects.

I consider it an honor to become a part of your business while I am working with you. My name on our contract signifies that I am ready listen and understand, to work with style and gusto, and to share your company’s goals and dreams. With your committed quest for success on the web and my utterly personal approach to writing exceptional copy, we should make a winning team.

Contact Me Today To Discuss Your Copywriting Needs
By Phone: (707) 981-7943 or by Email: info@solaswebdesign.net

Are You One Of Those Discerning People Who Wants To Learn More Before You Make A Decision?

Oh, how I admire you! If you’ve scrolled down this page past my contact form, just to see if I’d provided any more information about my copywriting service, you are just like me. Some Internet users prefer reading the bare facts and they are capable of making up their minds based on a brief summary. Others want to see all of the information they can before they reach a conclusion. It looks like you and I are in the latter group, if you’ve made it to this part of this page, and I’m certainly ready to tell you more about the value of professional copywriting and what it can do for your business.

If you are relatively new to considering how the written word makes business happen on the web, there are a couple of basic things I can teach you right now about this.

Firstly, the text of your website is equivalent to the lead salesman of a brick-and-mortar business. 24 hours a day, your text copy greets the public, presents the value of your business, helps people navigate your pages, showcases your vital products and services and calls your website’s visitors to the key actions you want them to make, whether this is buying something, filling out a form or picking up the phone to call you. Apart from the customer service your clientele receives, these words on web pages are doing your company’s most important duties. They are your top employee and deserve greatest attention.

Secondly, the effort you put into ‘stocking’ your website with the most informative, thorough, helpful and interesting content pays off in a different and very important way. Google and other major search engines have historically valued lengthy pages over empty ones. Imagine two companies selling an identical product on the web. One company has a photo, a price and a few words describing the product. The other has taken the time to envision what potential customers will want to know about the product and has included a complete description, instructions for use, dimensions, related options, FAQs, anecdotes, testimonials and a host of other useful details. The difference in effort is obvious to human visitors and to the search engines, and this can pay off in higher search engine rankings for the smarter business owner.

A professional web copywriter will write with these two audiences in mind: the humans who visit the site and the search engine bots that visit the site. Excellent web copy meets the needs of both parties and reaps benefits for the business owner by doing so.

Sounding Good? Let’s Communicate!

If you’ve made it all the way to this paragraph, I’m convinced I’d like to hear from you. I am really looking forward to speaking with you and hearing the story of your remarkable business. Please, fill out my simple contact form and expect a prompt reply, or give me a call today at (707) 981-7943. I’d like nothing better than to get writing for you.


Disclaimer: Solas Web Design is a family-friendly firm. We provide professional copywriting services for family-friendly businesses only.