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Get THE LONG EMAIL from Solas Web Design, a quick and affordable SEO appraisal for your small business.

Is your website failing to rank well or failing to represent your business in the professional manner it deserves? Do you need to know why? It’s time for THE LONG EMAIL.

Let us sit down with your website on our screens, examine it page by page and create an incredibly detailed to-do list for the improvement of your website. We custom create THE LONG EMAIL for your specific business. This is notsome pre-written report we’re cutting and pasting from. Rather, it’s our expert eyes honed in on your website and our voices explaining to you in an easy-to-understand manner exactly what you can do to start increasing your visibility and search engine rankings.

Our proven SEO results bring lots of terrific small business owners to our front door. Budget seems to break these folks down into two categories:

  • Do-it-yourself web business owners who need to remain do-it-yourselfers due to budgetary concerns. At the same time, they need expert SEO advice to teach them how to pursue the search engine rankings they want for their small business.
  • Other small business owners who have set aside a reasonable budget in hopes of developing a long term relationship with an SEO expert who will put all their skills at the company’s disposal and stick with them for the long haul.

We’ve developed THE LONG EMAIL to benefit both of these groups of people. In general, the one thing that applies to both groups is that they are looking for help because their website is failing to perform on the Internet, and they’ve come to an understanding that their search engine rankings are going to have a huge effect on the profits they earn. It makes sense, then, to get in touch with a search engine optimization professional whose daily work consists of helping website owners to please the search engines. That’s where we come in.

If you find yourself within the first group we’ve described, and you simply don’t feel you can afford to hire professionals to work on your website to get it into compliance with standard modern SEO protocols, but are ready and able to implement the necessary changes yourself, THE LONG EMAIL is for you!

If you’ve got the budget set aside to begin working with an SEO professional, and want very complete information about what we would be doing to improve your website’s search engine visibility before you commit to signing a contract with us, THE LONG EMAIL is for you!

This is your chance to bring experts in on your project, without having to make a long term commitment. We will give our concentrated focus to your website, and you will benefit from the knowledge we have to share with you. Our goal is the same as yours – to maximize your website’s professionalism, usefulness, visibility and ability to earn profits.


I’m ready to request THE LONG EMAIL now!

What is THE LONG EMAIL search engine optimization review?

Basically, how this works is that you hire us to perform a one-time complete, expert SEO review of your existing website. We’ll be frank with you here. If your website was originally built by us, you wouldn’t be in need of an SEO review. Solas Web Design’s websites are built to comply with SEO standards from the ground up. Unfortunately, such is not the case with websites built by a major percentage of paid designers who are simply ‘designers’. They make pretty pages, but often haven’t a clue about search engine algorithms.

If you’re here, you may have already invested in having a site designed and are seeing how ill-equiped it has turned out to be in terms of achieving good search engine visibility. Or, you may have built your own website. We applaud the energy and creativity of people who go this route, but again, without the professional skills, how could anyone expect you to know what SEO standards are? That’s our job.

Our years of skill are at your disposal the minute we arrive at your website. We go through it page by page, section by section. We read your content, study your products and evaluate your design. We analyze your site architecture, explore your menus, scrutinize your internal code, and basically spend several hours rubbing our temples and talking to one another about what your website’s major and minor issues are.

After this, we sit down and write THE LONG EMAIL to you. This is not some form we fill out, or something we’re cutting and pasting from a pre-created document. It is a letter written specifically for your unique business and it contains laboriously detailed information for you about where your website is hitting or missing the mark when it comes to human usability and search engine friendliness.

THE LONG EMAIL does not contain fancy graphs or pie charts. Though we could have some fun designing these, we find they fail to teach you like a great conversation with an expert should. Instead, we’ll be communicating with you in the written word, as we do with our valued clients. Whenever we perform a redesign of a website, it always begins with an appraisal and a short email describing what we are about to do to that site to improve its value and visibility. THE LONG EMAIL, by contrast, is intended to provide you with exceptional, actionable documentation, detailing what you need to know to begin improving your website on your own. Or, after receiving THE LONG EMAIL, you may decide that we know what we’re talking about and that you’d like to hire us to do the SEO redesign of your website for you. We’re happy to discuss that option, too!

This Expert SEO review of your small business website will contain information on the following vital factors:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Does your site meet Google’s webmaster guidelines? Is each and every page effectively optimized to make perfect sense to Google’s bots and human visitors? How’s your code? Is your website making a correct use of the following critical elements?

  • Title Tags
  • Header Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • Alt Tags
  • Link anchor text
  • HTAccess

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what any of these things actually are. You’ll feel like an expert yourself on them after you receive THE LONG EMAIL. We explain each relevant element in detail to you and examine the health of these elements on your website. And, if your business is local-focused, we’ll be glad to gear the SEO portion of our review towards Local Search Optimization. We have been widely cited as Local Search experts in our industry and are ready to discuss either traditional SEO or Local SEO with you.

You’ll walk away with an actionable to-do list for improving the Search Engine Optimization of your website.


Is your website’s design inspiring your visitors with a feeling of confidence in your company’s professionalism, or does it look like yesterday’s news? Does your layout make the most efficient use of your screen ‘real estate’ or are important opportunities being lost to show your visitors what they need to see to start doing business with you? Does your site load quickly and make use of color and graphics in a way that creates a meaningful, authentic and memorable experience for your visitors? The Design portion of THE LONG EMAIL pays close attention to these truly important subjects and much more as we review your pages, one by one.

You’ll walk away feeling that you’ve suddenly seen your website with fresh eyes and a much better understanding of the impression your site is making on your visitors. Smart improvements you can make to your design will have suddenly become crystal clear to you!


Does your website befriend your visitor and lead him exactly where you want him to go, or is it leaving him in a maze, unable to find his own way from point A to point B without major effort? Does the overall architecture of your website make sense? Is the path through your pages easy to navigate or full of dead ends and road blocks? Are your forms, shopping cart or menus super simple to use or in need of some improvement? Does your website render correctly across major browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome? Have you chosen colors that are easy for all demographics to read, or are people finding your fonts difficult to decipher?

As we test drive your website, we are sitting in your visitor’s seat, determining exactly how usable your website is.

You’ll walk away with a plan for ensuring that your site is in compliance with basic Human Usability standards and is offering your visitors the easiest possible ride!


Are you telling your visitor exactly what he needs to hear and calling him to the action you most want him to take? Does he know he’s supposed to pick up the phone, fill out a form or purchase your product? What is the text copy of your website really saying to your customer about the benefits your business offers him? Does your web copywriting sing or is it hitting sour notes with spelling and punctuation errors or vague language? You have only seconds to tell the visitor what he needs to know. Is your copywriting making the most powerful possible use of those critical first few seconds?

At Solas Web Design, we offer professional web copywriting and editing as a service, and this is the knowledge we put to work for you as we examine what the text on your website is saying about your business to your potential customers.

You’ll walk away with a professional critique of the text present on your website and instructions for increasing its impact on your visitors. Copy is your main tool for making business happen!

SEO, Design, Usability and Copywriting are the 4 key elements that work together to create truly exceptional websites. THE LONG EMAIL puts powerful knowledge in your hands about how each of these factors relates to your business and your success.

If you don’t know what any or all of these things are, or how they relate to your website’s ability to meet the needs of people and search engines, we can assure you that you will after reading THE LONG EMAIL! Rest assured that our writing style is aimed at the small business owner – not at techies.

We are so committed to you understanding every detail contained in THE LONG EMAIL, your purchase of this service includes a Q&A session with us after you’ve had a chance to read and absorb the complete report. By phone or email, this single round of Q&A ensures that you have the chance to ask any questions you’d like to.


I’m ready to request THE LONG EMAIL now!

Need more information? Here are some questions small web business owners ask before having us appraise their website:

Q) Can you guarantee that if I follow your advice, I will get a Top 10 Google Ranking?

A) No. We need to be clear about this, and you need to be armed with the vital information that anyone calling themselves an SEO expert who guarantees you a Top 10 Google ranking is probably a quack. Search Engine Optimizers do not have some special control of the search engines. We cannot ‘make’ them do anything. We cannot promise you results. What we are offering is our proven skill in helping other companies to get the rankings they want. If we did it for them, chances are, our know-how in this will enable us to assist your business in a similar way. If you’re going to do the work yourself, it will be up to you to take our advice and get the most out of it that you possibly can. If you decide to hire us, we will work like crazy to get the best rankings for your website that we can. But, either way, we cannot give you a guarantee and neither will any other truly professional SEO company.

Q) If my search engine ranking improves, will I be making more money?

A) While logic would indicate a big ‘yes’ response to this, again, we cannot offer any type of guarantee in this area. Why? Because, technically, we could help a company rank #1 in the world selling melted ice cubes. But, is anyone really going to buy melted ice cubes? Probably not. The point of our silly illustration is that our job is to tell you what we know about improving your rankings. Your job is to offer a product or service that people really want. We cannot promise you more sales, but your website will certainly have the potential to be seen by more people if it’s ranking at the top instead of being lost in the crowd.

Q) How long will it take for me to receive my expert SEO review?

A) Maximum turnaround time from the day you place your order for THE LONG EMAIL is just 7-10 business days.

Q) What does it cost?

A) Your investment for THE LONG EMAIL will be $300. If, after receiving this one-time appraisal, you decide to hire us to do the SEO redesign of your existing website, we will apply $100 of that cost to the quote we give you for the project.

Q) How do I get THE LONG EMAIL for my very own?

A) Send us an e-mail requesting we perform this SEO review or simply fill out our contact form. We will then send you a Paypal invoice. You don’t need to have a Paypal account. The invoice will let you use any major credit card. Once we receive your payment, we’ll get right down to work. If you don’t like PayPal, we’ll be happy to accept your personal check.

Chances are, while reading this article, you’ve gotten the idea THE LONG EMAIL is going to be pretty long. Depending upon the present condition of your website, it may be very long, indeed. We advise our clients to print it out and put it in a folder beside their computer so that they can quickly refer to it as they begin to do the work required to improve the value of their website.

It is so important to understand that the point of having us do this SEO review is to explain to you what needs to happen to bring your website up to snuff. But this is only the first step for you. Whether you are going to handle your search engine optimization yourself, or get us on-board to do it for you, major work is on the horizon. And major work will always be on the horizon, as long as you plan to be running your small business on-line.

A website is never finished. It is a constantly evolving entity and the webmaster behind it must be always striving to better meet the needs of their visitors and of the search engines. This means spending time, at the very least every month, improving the environment of your website to make sure its value is always increasing in the Internet marketplace.

By allowing us to review your website, you will have the peace of mind of knowing you will not be spending one more month wasting your time and money running a site that isn’t an asset to you. You will know what needs doing right now to correct your site’s problems, and what your long term plans need to be for the success of your website in the search engines. Having this one-time professional SEO review may just be the best decision you will ever make for your business.

Solas Web Design is a small, family-friendly web design and SEO company. We are not interested in performing an expert SEO review of websites publishing offensive materials of any kind.