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The Simple SEO Guide for the Small Web Business

This guide is designed specifically to teach small web business owners about the basics of SEO-based web design and search engine optimization for the short and long term success of your website.

Why Solas Web Design explains SEO in a people-friendly way.

What is SEO and how do search engines operate?

  • Understanding why search engines play a vital role in every website.
  • So what is SEO?
  • How do search engines operate?

SEO begins with good web site design, from the ground up.

  • Design the structure of your web site correctly now to save headaches later.
  • A basic outline for creating an SEO-friendly website, step by step.
  • Purchasing a domain name.
  • Purchasing hosting for your website.
  • Designing an SEO-friendly web site.

The Internet is all about Links.

  • Where do you need to have links on your website?
  • Let’s quickly clarify what keywords are.
  • Make the most of your keywords by devoting a separate page to each main product or service.
  • Where else should links be on my site?

The Key Components of an SEO-friendly Web Page.

  • URLs can be good or bad.
  • Title Tags announce your web page’s purpose in a big, bold way!
  • Are Meta Tags important or not?

Good web content makes the Googlebot your friend!

  • The reason for creating shining web content is three-fold.
  • Well, what kinds of web content do people get excited about?
  • So, where should all this great web content go on my small business web site?

Launching your new web site and playing in the Google Sandbox.

  • What is the Google Sandbox? Does it really exist?
  • Accomplish 2 main tasks while you wait for the Googlebot to take you seriously.
  • Reciprocal Links.
  • Paid Links.

Go it alone or hire a pro for web design and SEO.

  • Which route will be best for the success of your small business website?
  • If you decide to hire a pro.