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Sonoma County Graphic Design

Solas Web Design offers original, effective graphic illustrations and logos for your website or business.

Solas Web Design offers original, effective graphic illustrations and logos for your website. Our celebrated designer, Miriam Ellis, is an award-winning artist and published illustrator whose work appears in private collections across North America, as well as commercially. Sonoma County residents will likely have seen her fine art bearing first place ribbons at the prestigious Sonoma County Harvest Fair Art Exhibition. Miriam Ellis puts her widely-recognized skills into both manually-rendered and digitized illustrations for local and national businesses.

In a world that has become rather sodden with anime-style graphic work, our graphic design stands out as feeling hopeful, positive and family-friendly. We do not waste our clients’ investments on Flash animations which displease potential customers and search engines alike. Rather, our clean, memorable graphics are quick-loading and give an instant impression of what your business is all about.

Fine Art / Painting


Pencil / Ink

We invite you to view one of our recent projects for our terrific client, 2B Seeds. The owners of this wonderful seed company created a kid-friendly line of flower and vegetable seeds called the Kinder Garden, and contracted with us to create the graphics for this exciting group of products. The owners were looking for something fresh and charming and you may see our complete set of graphics for these seeds at 2B Seeds’ Kindergarden Seeds section.

In today’s graphic design market, the median price for most designers appears to be about $90/hr. We see this scale reaching upwards to several hundreds of dollars per hour for some designers. Though we would never wish to undervalue the time and abundant skill that goes into creating logos and graphics for the branding needs of businesses, we feel that this price is somewhat prohibitive for most of the small businesses we work with. Clients appreciate our far more modest pricing scale which may be contracted at $100/hr. or an agreed upon set fee for a given project. Contact us to discuss the details of your graphic design and illustration needs.


In the Internet marketplace, nothing is more important than those split-second first impressions which decide whether a potential customer stays on your website to find what they need, or clicks off to look elsewhere. Make a simple but bold statement with our graphic illustrations and gain the clients you need!

Solas Web Design is eager to provide your company with memorable visuals that will have customers coming back to you again and again for the products and services you offer. Our clients rank in Google’s coveted Top 10, as a result of our web design and search engine optimization skills. Please view our complete portfolio of recent projects to see what we can do for your worthy company!

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