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Web Design Fees

Solas Web Design currently offers some of the most affordable rates for professional Web Design, SEO and Copywriting in the U.S.

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We create custom quotes for each and every project because we don’t believe your business is quite like anyone else’s! We structure fees in the following ways:

  • We accept project-by-project contracts and quote flat fees for these. Initial consulation is always free of charge to the client.
  • We accept salaried positions from companies wishing to retain our services for a set or protracted period of time. Retainers will be agreed upon by both parties.
  • We accept contracts for companies who require professional consultation or ongoing webmastering services. Such work will be contracted at our hourly rate of $100/per hour.
  • We require a written contract between both parties and a deposit at the commencement of work which will be relative to the overall project cost.
  • We do not accept contracts with anyone wishing to publish offensive materials of any kind.

Whether you need a complete website design, a redesign, a little work on an existing site, copywriting or local search consultation, our skills are at your service.

Why Clients Tell Us We’re Offering Tremendous Value
The unseen value of a qualified web design and SEO firm is the pitfalls and hassles avoided by the client because they’ve hired professionals. The visible value shines in the word-of-mouth referrals and exuberant testimonials only worthy firms win. Here are a few example of how our clients feel about working with us:

“Working with Solas Web Design was a sublime experience. I am so delighted with the web home we have created together. It is one thing to find design expertise, it is quite another to find understanding. Solas Web Design combines their considerable knowledge and design skills with the sensibility of artists. The level of personal and professional communication was not only a pleasure, I found it inspirational.”
– George Beck, Owner, Fishers Laser Carvers

“Working around the challenges, coming up with creative solutions and using best in class and state of the art web design principles, Solas gave us much more than expected. If you are in a situation where you would like to stand out as an exceptional company, Solas Web Design should be your first call.”
– Glenn Younger, Owner, Grah Safe and Lock

“Having my site professionally designed by Solas Web Design was the single most significant decision I could have made for my business.”
– Ann Shaw, Owner, Classic Quilts of Vermont

“Numbers do not lie! In one year since the Solas web team redesigned our site, our online sales have shot up over 125%!!!!!”
– Dawn Perry, Owner, Cape Cod Treasure Chest

“I can’t say enough good things about the folks at Solas Web Design. We’ve had a website for years and years, but were never able to get any real benefit from it until we got hooked up with Solas. We’re now getting enough sales from the web to make a real difference.”
– Jim Leavitt, Owner, Emerson Creek Pottery

“I just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave in creating ITechRecovery.com. You not only created a great web site but you also helped me learn a few things along the way. I’m not sure how many other companies would have taken the time to explain things the way you did. From start to finish you walked me through everything and made me feel like I was really involved. This investment was truly money well spent. I will definitely be recommending Solas Web design to my friends and colleagues.”
– Jim Ulik, Owner, ITR Consulting Group, LLC.

You don’t win words like those by being the cheapest, the biggest or the flashiest. You win those words with consistent, daily effort and a real commitment to the well-being of your clients’ businesses. Our clients are happy to recommend us to their colleagues and friends because we have proven our worth to them. We’d like a chance to prove it to you. We understand that getting a quote is very important to your plan of action. Let’s get talking today about your needs so that you can discover whether Solas Web Design will be the most valuable match for your business.